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Warning: This short but horrific true story below may offend you (Full Disclosure: The only details changed are the names to protect their privacy)

“It was just sex! It won’t happen again. I love you, not her.”

That’s what Jenny’s husband Ray said when she confronted him. Jenny had just discovered that Ray had been hooking up with some intern. Well…not exactly hooking up…this intern had been giving him a blow job in his office at least twice a week for the last 3 months.

It had all started at an office party with 1 too many drinks. And then ‘it’ sort of happened…

The message Jenny found on her husband’s phone

He found himself harmlessly flirting with this intern alone at his desk…but before he knew it, she was under his desk, unbuckling his belt and lowering his trousers before giving him the most intense blow job of his life.

He thought that is was a stupid mistake.

A drunken mishap.

A once off.

And he felt very, very guilty.

But as the days went by, his guilt was slowly replaced by desire, fantasy and lust. He had never experienced an orgasm like the one this intern gave him. So he ‘let it happen’ again.

And again.

And again.

From July until the middle of November…when Jenny noticed that message on his phone.

Even though Jenny was crushed when she heard all the details….something inside of her wanted to know more. So she poked and prodded her husband for more information. Even though she didn’t want to hear the details, but…

beauty girl cryShe wanted to hear them (I know that doesn’t make sense, but that’s what Jenny told me!)

Her husband said that this intern literally made his penis pulse & throb as he reached orgasm. 

“It felt like her blow jobs make your logical brain switch off and only think emotionally. It was like she hijacked my brain.”

“It was like she hijacked my brain”

Although she wanted to know what happened, it was crushing for Jenny and brought back those horrible feelings of inadequacy, jealousy and weeks of hurt. Now, she didn’t know what to do.

The worst feeling she had was confusion. Jenny had done everything right.

Jenny was in pretty good shape. She was funny. She was raising 2 healthy, happy kids with her husband. There wasn’t even any tension or anger or passive aggressiveness between Jenny and Ray. And interestingly, she would still notice guys checking her out. But…

HE cheated on HER

Jenny just wanted to know why. Why did he allow it to happen? What did she do wrong? She had to know. So she confronted him…

“Why? I Just Want To Know Why? You Owe Me That”

Ray got upset. Really upset. Not angry. Instead he was crying. And Jenny could tell that he actually seemed really remorseful and sorry.

He told her that he never wanted to cheat on Jenny. He was totally happy with her and their family life. But according to him he just hadn’t felt sexually satisfied for a long time and his inhibitions were lowered thanks to the alcohol….and it just happened.

He explained the whole situation to her…

He told her a story that all men can relate to:


Before we met, I was attracted to and most sexually satisfied by women who were a little bit wild. They were always so crazy in bed and always left me feeling completely satisfied after sex. These are the girls that guys fantasize about. But because of their wild personality, they were always scattered and unreliable, they weren’t the kinds of women I would want to settle down with. I didn’t see them as stable, mom material.

She Froze

She didn’t want to be viewed only as ‘stable, mom material’, while her husband was out getting sexually fulfilled by some other woman.

But then she realized something…

She used to feel the same way about the guys she used to date. She usually put them into one of 2 categories.

  1. Guys she is sexually attracted to and sees as ‘fuckable’ (Jenny’s exact words)
  2. Guys she sees as stable, husband material that she can bring home to mom.

Very rarely does a guy fall into both categories

Maybe you feel the same way too?

Have You Ever Categorized Guys As Either ‘Fuckable’ Or Husband Material?


The funny thing is that men categorize women in much the same way.

It all started to make sense for Jenny.

She realized that her husband only saw her as ‘stable, mom material’, not as the woman he was lusting after and turned on by. And it was a really disappointing and heartbreaking feeling

But she wanted to change that and she didn’t want to have to deal with infidelity again.

She was obviously angry at him, but she didn’t want to throw away her relationship. And she didn’t see cheating on him a positive way to get revenge.

So instead of giving up and hoping that things would magically fix themselves, she decided she was going to figure out how give him the same kinds of blow jobs and sexual satisfaction this intern gave him.

Here’s What Happened Next

That’s when Jenny turned to me (what I haven’t mentioned yet is that me & Jenny have been friends since we were both 14).

She asked me to put a guide together for her, to teach her exactly what to do to make sure her man was left completely sexually satisfied after every blow job she gave him.

  • I got started on her action plan by emailing over 10,000 women who receive my newsletter asking for their best tips.
  • I consulted with friends, past lovers and other experts on how to give an incredibly powerful blowjob using different techniques, positions, tactics and tips.
  • And of course, as an internationally recognized sex expert, I already had a huge amount of my own blow job tips to start with.

bjb-bible-engineThis action plan soon turned into a 25 page guide.

Then a 50 page guide.

Then a 100 page guide.

When I started adding detailed illustrations and professional photographs, Jenny ended up with 128 pages of detailed, powerful blow job advice. When I had it completed, I sent the guide to Jenny and asked her to email me back the results in a few weeks. But…

She Didn’t Email…He Did!

I couldn’t believe it, 5 days later Jenny’s husband emailed me:

email from Jenny's husband
Full Disclosure: Certain personal & private information has been blacked out

Fortunately, Jenny was able to work through the anger, disgust, jealousy and all the other emotions that plagued her in the weeks after finding out about her husbands infidelity. Now, this didn’t magically happen overnight, it took time and a lot of effort from both Jenny and her husband.

Not only did she fix her relationship, but she was able to reignite that spark of sexual tension, excitement and sexual satisfaction that the intern had been providing her husband.

How Women Mess Up This One Simple Thing

The sad thing however is that most women wait until it’s too late… They allow the passion & spark to slowly disappear and for their man to cheat before they do anything about it.

They Literally Sleepwalk Into It

And by that stage it’s too late, they lose their man and their relationship.


The crazy thing is that preventing a guy from cheating and keeping him sexually satisfied is surprisingly easy. However, it can seem very hard to learn. Because…

  • Pornography is a complete lie. Does a group of 7 guys on a pool table with one tiny, fake breasted woman sound realistic to you?
  • You could buy a book written by ‘an expert’ with a pHD. The problem with these ‘experts’ with pHDs is that they have spent all their time in a lab or with their heads in books. They haven’t spent time actually having sex & teaching real people how to have better sex.
  • Many women’s magazines publish huge lists of tips (often over 100 tips). At best, you’ll realize that most of them are completely ridiculous. At worst, you may actually injure yourself (or your man). But often you’ll just end up feeling confused.
  • Lastly, asking your friends can help. But often, you’ll find that they are just pretending to know what they are talking about, so that they won’t seem clueless or inexperienced themselves.

Let me ask you something:

  1. Do you know how to create addicting sexual tension and slowly build up to an intense blow job with subtle foreplay or…do you just try to get it over and done with as quick as possible?
  2. Do you know the 4 other areas to stimulate on his body, that will triple the pleasure you give him during a blow job or…do you usually just focus on his penis?
  3. Do you use 15 different blow job techniques on him or…do you just do the same few techniques, in the same few positions over and over again?

Most women don’t want to lose sleep over the thought of their man seeking sexual satisfaction elsewhere. But sadly, they do…

This Is Silly, Stupid…And Sad

hope-and-prayOne fascinating thing that I regularly encounter are women who decide to try figure it all out with guesswork…and hope.

They wonder, hope, pray and try to figure out everything on their own.

It truly boggles my mind, because when I talk to these women, they aren’t getting the results they want. Yet for some weird reason, they don’t change or admit that they need help. Not admitting you need help will totally kill you ability to improve.

Not only that, but they hope that their man will actually give them honest feedback about their performance.

Think about it for a minute.

When your man is lying down, writhing in ecstasy, he is not thinking of the precise movements your tongue and lips are making. He’s lost in the moment. So don’t ever expect your man to give you accurate feedback.

The Truth About Blow Jobs

The truth is that most women have no idea how to sexually satisfy their man with a blow job.


It’s like I explained earlier…porn, women’s magazines, phd sexologists and your friends just don’t know how to teach this stuff properly (even if they mean good!).

Not only that, if you do pick up a book, you’ll usually notice that the author leaves out a ton of vital information and includes almost no illustrated examples or photographs.

bj-help-helpWorst of all, often these books are often written like cheap erotica, telling you to “suck his throbbing member like you mean it” or to “slurp it like a dog”.

This kind of crap is NOT helpful!!!

You need precise, step-by-step instructions with illustrations and photographs that show you exactly what to do. This way there is no guesswork.

“My man was squirming, shaking, quivering and gasping during my blow jobs!”

I always thought you had to be born with sex-skills. I mean I really thought that it was something like being born with blue eyes or blonde hair. I thought that some have it, some don’t. Boy was I wrong!
I grabbed your book on a whim, 2 weeks ago while browsnig for tips on spicing up our sex life. The first night, I surprised my man with just 2 of the techinques you teach in the book. He didn’t say anything afterwards, the moaning during it was all I needed to hear. But that was just the beginning. Over the last 2 weeks, I tried almost every techinque you teach. Not only were they easy to perform, but my man was squirming, shaking, quivering and gasping during my blowjobs
I get so turned on seeing my man turn to complete mush when gonig down on him, but the best part is how he’s be treating me, he wants us to start having a regular date night again! The last thing to tell you is that it’s funny how your girlfriends can suddenly become jealous of you when your husband starts being so attentive.
One happy wife!
[Name Changed By Request], 37, Montreal

It’s because of this lack of decent information that I decided to share the blow job guide I created.

It’s called the Blow Job Bible.

This is the same guide Jenny used to turn herself from ‘stable, mom material’ to a woman that has her husband flirting with, chasing and courting like when they first started dating.

Here’s A Small Taste Of What You Will Learn


Inside, you’ll learn…

  • The 4 reasons why giving him a fantastic blow job is crucial for your relationship. (page 28)
  • Why men are very similar to girls when they orgasm. I’ll show you how to avoid the mistakes inexperienced girls make for years (and sometimes their whole life) that completely ruin his orgasm. (page 100-101)
  • The simple key to improving every area of your sex life. You need to understand this if you want to improve. (page 6-7)
  • Did I mention that there’s over 35 detailed illustrations & professional photographs demonstrating exactly what to do?
  • The 7 key blow job techniques you need to master to give him powerful orgasms. (page 39-46)
  • How & why men are attracted to women, why this important and how you can take advantage of it! (page 29-31)
  • The 5 advanced blow job techniques you that you won’t find in any other books. (page 48-53)
  • The 3 ‘Pro’ Techniques that most pornstars don’t even know about …these may be a little ‘out there’ for some, but I included them so that your man will never be left wanting another woman, EVER AGAIN! (page 55-58)
  • 3 crucial things you must do to stay attractive and keep your man lusting after you. (page 30-31)
  • Simple additions to your blow jobs that can make it far more exciting for him and far more fun for you! (page 60-62)
  • How to give a proper hand job. Hand jobs are an important stepping stone to a great blow job. That’s why I have included 10 full pages on every aspect of a great handjob, from transitioning to a hand job to what positions work best to the 5 different strokes you must use if you want your man to really enjoy it. (page 64-74)
  • 6 blow job positions that you must know if you are to fully please your man. (page 75-79)
  • How you can prepare yourself & your man to make giving him a blow job a pleasurable experience for both you & your man. (page 19-23)
  • How to take your blow jobs from an A to A+. Hint: it’s all about what you say, how your act, what you wear and the setting. I cover every tiny detail in The Blow job Bible. (page 90-99)
  • Which locations and places work best to give your man maximum pleasure from your blow job. (page 83-89)
  • How to finish a blow job so that he will never desire another woman. EVER! (page 100-107)
  • A simple technique to make your blow job 10x times more intimate than any blow job he has ever received. I give instructions that are incredibly easy to follow. (page 48-49)
  • And much, much more…

I hate being ‘that guy who brags’, but I do want to be honest with you:

Over 10,000 women have referred their friends to my newsletter since I started writing online and I’ve also written another best selling sex book as well as the Blow Job Bible. Not only that but I’m constantly getting emails, letters and messages from happy women (& a lot of men too).

“I’m angry…”

I was a tiny bit hesitant to buy your book online, but when I saw that you use PayPal to handle the payment and that you have a 60 day money back guarantee, I realized I had nothing to lose.
I’m in my 40′s now and would consider myself quite conservative, so I’ll spare you the explicit details. All I do want to say is that I’m angry…I’m angry that I didn’t find this soooner. And I’m angry that I didn’t discover this when I first met my husband. It truly has changed our love life.
God Bless
[Name Removed By Request], 42, Dallas, Texas

When Jenny suggested that I sell the guide to the women who want to drastically improve their sex life & relationships, I had to come up with a price.I usually charge between $797 – $997 for my one day seminars.

But that’s a lot for some people and I knew more people could benefit if I made it cheaper. The price I decided on is $97. But these days even $97 is a lot for some and I don’t want the cost to prevent you from having this powerful, life-changing information, so am offering you the complete guide today for just $57.

This Week I’m Slashing The Price To Just $37!

Here Are The Bonuses You Get When You Grab The Blow Job Bible Today For Just $37

dtssDeep Throat – The Easy Way (normal price: $27)

I decided to include Deep Throat – The Easy Way as I have been getting a stream of letters and questions from people that want to know how to give their man deep throat without gagging.

So with the help of a previous girlfriend who was amazing at giving deep throat, I have written the only book you need on the subject. 
dtboxcdInside you’ll learn how to control your throat and gag reflex so that giving your man deep throat is just like giving your man a regular blow job

Knowing how to deep throat is a skill that the majority of women have no idea about. Deep Throat The Easy Way will guide you from beginner to pro in lightning quick speed. I’ll show you the 3 different stages you must go through to control your gag reflex and deep throat your man like a real pro. Inside, I’m also going to show you the deep throating positions you must use to make giving deep throat 10X times easier.


pscssPornstar Sexual Confidence (normal price: $27)

What’s the point in knowing how to give your man a great blow job if you don’t have the confidence to try it? Pornstar Sexual Confidence will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do in order to become more confident inside & outside the bedroom with your man, including…

  • A simple tip you can use to make any performance pressure melt away immediately.
  • The 2 things you must do if you want to become confident when giving your man a blow job.
  • How to properly prepare for a blow job, so that you are are relaxed when you go down on him.
  • An important technique you must use if you want to relax and enjoy getting sexual with your man.


ffssFrisky Foreplay (normal price: $17)ffboxcd

Contrary to popular belief, foreplay serves a very important purpose for men. Proper foreplay will make your man orgasm a lot stronger AND HARDER than usual if done correctly. Foreplay also makes transitioning from give him a blow job to having sex with him very natural and super easy. Here is what you will learn in Frisky Foreplay:

  • The areas a man most likes to have kissed (yes men do like being kissed just as much as you!)
  • A 3 step solution to give your man a wonderful and long massage. You’ll be blown away at how easy it is to give your man a proper massage without any fancy moves others would have you believe.
  • How to perform a sexy striptease for your man without feeling shy, nervous, weird or awkward. Even if you are not that confident, my method will make it super easy for you.
  • How to start foreplay hours before you even kiss him. This will literally have him salivating way before you actually get physical with him.


shcssStop Him Cheating (normal price: $17)

Why learn all these blow job & sexual techniques and maneuvers if your man doesn’t stay faithful? This is exactly why I have included Stop Him Cheating. It will show you what you need to start doing immediately to keep him from straying.

In fact if you follow my advice properly, your man will literally become obsessed with you and cheating will never even enter his mind. 
shcboxcdI will explain to you why listening to what he says is just not good enough
, but I will also show you what you need to do in order to really figure out if he’s up to no good.

You’re going to learn why in certain situations, spending more time with him will actually drive him away from you. I’m also going to show you exactly why having you own life is crucial if you want him to stay faithful. YES, having your own life and interests is vital if you want your man to stay faithful! I’ll show you how and why inside.


discThe Blow Job Bible Audio Version, listening time: 1 hour 57 minutes (normal price: $37)

I’m also including the audio version of the Blow Job Bible absolutely free so that you can listen to it whenever & wherever you want.

Most students actually prefer listening to the audio as it means they don’t have to worry about hiding their screen to prevent people seeing what they are reading.

It also means that you can learn my secret blow job techniques anywhere… while driving, at the gym or even while you are walking your dog.


ssboxcdThe Sex Secrets Audio Course (normal price: $19.95)

For a limited time I am also going to give you free access to the Sex Secrets audio course.

Inside I will show you my most powerful sex tips, techniques, manoeuvres and ideas to use on your man to keep him constantly sexually satisfied and fulfilled. This goes beyond just giving blow jobs and covers things like talking dirty, foreplay, sex positions, sex games & more



These 6 bonuses are worth more than triple your investment in the Blow Job Bible – but you can get them free if you order today.






To Improving Your Relationship,


Creator of The Blow job Bible & The Bad Girl’s Bible

P.S. All the techniques in The Blow Job Bible are tested and work (there is no ‘theory’ or ‘guess work’, just simple techniques that have already worked for 1000′s of women before you. And remember, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with The Blow Job Bible, I’ll give you a full refund.

Remember: For your privacy and to avoid unwanted embarrassment, you’ll be discreetly billed with the name “BGBIBLE.”

This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old.

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