“264 Dirty Phrases To Turn Him On, Build Sexual Tension, Massage His Ego & Have Incredible Sex”


Here’s How The Dirty Talking Bible Can Help Your Relationship…


Keep The Attraction Alive

Have you ever been afraid that your man is losing attraction for you? If you are like most women, then you’ve probably been in a relationship with a guy that started out fun and exciting but you quickly grew less and less attracted to him over time. The funny thing is that so has your man!

Inside the Dirty Talking Bible, I am going to show you the exact phrases, words, lines and techniques to use to keep his attraction sky high for you, whether you have been dating for 3 months or 30 years.


tensionBuild Explosive Sexual Tension

The most powerful technique that I am going to show you in the Dirty Talking Bible is how to use dirty talk to build sexual tension with your man.

One of the keys to a fun & exciting relationship is building and using sexual tension so that he is literally shaking with excitement, waiting to just rip your clothes off and be with you. Is this something that you’d be interested in?


steamyHot, Steamy, Orgasmic Sex

Why write a book about talking dirty without explaining how to use it to enhance sex and make it more fun for BOTH of you.

You’ll be glad to know that I won’t be giving you any ridiculous or weird dirty lines to use on your man. I will guide you through the process of using dirty talk to arouse your man and give him a more pleasurable time in bed, all without you sounding like some crazy pornstar.


dirty-text1Make Him Miss You When You’re Not Around

Do you ever wonder what your man thinks about when you’re not around? Would you like him to be thinking of you all day long whether he’s at work, on holidays or even at a strip club?

I have included 2 entire sections of the book where I will show you how to send your man dirty text messages and talk dirty dirty on the phone so that he will be desiring you even when you are not there by his side.


happy-smileGet Comfortable & Confident Talking Dirty: A Step-By-Step Guide

One problem many women find is that they don’t know where to start when learning how to talk dirty. Let me show you exactly what to do…

I have created an entire step-by-step process that will make talking dirty to your man easy, straightforward and a ton of fun for you as well as him.


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Here Are The Bonuses You Get When You Purchase The Dirty Talking Bible Today For Just $37

pscssPornstar Sexual Confidence (normal price: $27)

What’s the point in knowing how to talk dirty to your man if you don’t have the confidence to try it? Pornstar Sexual Confidence will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do in order to become more confident inside & outside the bedroom with your man.

  • A simple tip you can use to make any performance pressure melt away immediately.
  • The 2 things you must do if you want to become confident when giving your man a blowjob.
  • How to properly prepare for a blowjob, so that you are are relaxed when you go down on him.
  • An important technique you must use if you want to relax and enjoy getting sexual with your man.


ffssFrisky Foreplay (normal price: $17)ffboxcd

Contrary to popular belief, foreplay serves a very important purpose for men. Proper foreplay will make your man orgasm a lot stronger AND HARDER than usual if done correctly. Foreplay also makes transitioning from talking dirty to your man to getting sexual with him very natural and super easy. Here is what you will learn in Frisky Foreplay:

  • The areas a man most likes to have kissed (yes men do like being kissed just as much as you!)
  • A 3 step solution to give your man a wonderful and long massage. You’ll be blown away at how easy it is to give your man a proper massage without any fancy moves others would have you believe.
  • How to perform a sexy striptease for your man without feeling shy, nervous, weird or awkward. Even if you are not that confident, my method will make it super easy for you.
  • How to start foreplay hours before you even kiss him. This will literally have him salivating way before you actually get physical with him.


shcssStop Him Cheating (normal price: $17)

Why learn all these dirty talking & sexual techniques and maneuvers if your man doesn’t stay faithful? This is exactly why I have included Stop Him Cheating. It will show you what you need to start doing immediately to keep him from straying.

In fact if you follow my advice properly, your man will literally become obsessed with you and cheating will never even enter his mind. 
shcboxcdI will explain to you why listening to what he says is just not good enough
, but I will also show you what you need to do in order to really figure out if he’s up to no good.

You’re going to learn why in certain situations, spending more time with him will actually drive him away from you. I’m also going to show you exactly why having you own life is crucial if you want him to stay faithful. YES, having your own life and interests is vital if you want your man to stay faithful! I’ll show you how and why inside.


dtbcdThe Dirty Talking Bible Audio Version, listening time: 1 hour 57 minutes (normal price: $37)

I’m also including the audio version of the Dirty Talking Bible absolutely free so that you can listen to it whenever & wherever you want.

Most students actually prefer listening to the audio as it means they don’t have to worry about hiding their screen to prevent people seeing what they are reading.

It also means that you can learn my secret dirty talking techniques anywhere… while driving, at the gym or even while you are walking your dog.


dtssDeep Throat – The Easy Way (normal price: $27)

The last book that I’m including completely free is an important one. I decided to include it as I have been getting a stream of letters and questions from people that want to know how to give their man deep throat without gagging.

So with the help of a previous girlfriend who was amazing at giving deep throat, I have written the only book you need on the subject. 
dtboxcdInside you’ll learn how to control your throat and gag reflex so that giving your man deep throat is just like giving your man a regular blowjob

Knowing how to deep throat is a skill that the majority of women have no idea about. Deep Throat The Easy Way will guide you from beginner to pro in lightning quick speed. I’ll show you the 3 different stages you must go through to control your gag reflex and deep throat your man like a real pro. Inside, I’m also going to show you the deep throating positions you must use to make giving deep throat 10X times easier.


ssboxcdThe Sex Secrets Audio Course (normal price: $19.95)

For a limited time I am also going to give you free access to the Sex Secrets audio course.

Inside I will show you my most powerful sex tips, techniques, manoeuvres and ideas to use on your man to keep him constantly sexually satisfied and fulfilled. This goes beyond just talking dirty and covers things like oral sex, sex positions, sex games & more







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