[Infographic] 13 Female Orgasm Facts

If you like the Bad Girl’s Bible, then you obviously enjoying giving and receiving orgasms. As there are just so many different facts and interesting tidbits about The Big ‘O’, we decided to make a ‘Female Orgasm Facts’ infographic demonstrating some of the more fascinating things you should know about orgasms.

Enjoy (and if you enjoy it, then make sure to hit the ‘Like’ or ‘Pin’ buttons).

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    • says


      One mistake many women (and guys) make is that they think that they need to be some sort of sex guru for their partner, mastering every single technique and tip. You really don’t! What I always recommend is to just keep continuing to experiment with new techniques, positions and ideas with an open mind. While experimenting remember that you will enjoy some things like crazy, be indifferent to other ideas and hate certain things. The key is to keep what works for you and your man and forget the rest.

      Unfortunately there is nothing specific that I can recommend as I don’t know the extent of your disability.


    • says

      It depends on a few things. If your man is super adventurous, then you can probably just say it to him directly. But if he’s not that adventurous at all then you may need to more subtle and try suggesting using sex toys indirectly: You could ask him if he ever tried using a sex toy and what his thoughts were. Or you could tell him that you have a vibrator but don’t use it much since you started seeing him, but it might be fun to use it together.

  1. James says

    girls and women generally have orgasms that last 3-4 times longer than a boys or men. and not to mention females can have multiple. But I suppose this is fair because they are the ones to have the babies and be pregnant for 9 months, and have the periods every month for 5 days, and not to mention the guys have the advantage of peeing standing up. So I think it’s a fair trade when she is the one having the 15-20 second orgasm, and he is one the one getting the 3-6 second orgasm. my ex girl you to have 20-30 orgasms that would blow her mind, i’m happy for she, so when they say the average female orgasm last only 10 seconds, that is very conservative, it is actually possible for a girl to have a minute long orgasm, though rarely, but they defiantly deserve it more than men, and I hate it when college boys complain about it, when the college girl they are banging is having those 20 second orgasms.

  2. peanutbutterjelly says

    How do i get my husband away from the ideal of wanting to stick non-sex toy objects in me??? Ex banana’s is that weird … i refuse but he keeps asking… any help ??

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