Washing Machine Sex Position

The Washing Machine sex position is the one position that the Bad Girl’s Bible teaches in which you absolutely must have one specific piece of equipment…a washing machine.

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Here you can see our couple demonstrating the Washing Machine. Your man can grab your hands just like in the picture to pull you in to him with each thrust.

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The really cool thing about washing machines is that they are never in the bedroom meaning that you need to use a different room in your house to have sex in which is way more exciting!

Once you have found a washing machine, put some dirty clothes inside it and turn it on to a high spin setting. Next you need to lean over it while still standing, just like in the Burning Man position. This will help to bring your groin area in closer contact with the vibrating washing machine. Your man will then enter you from behind and start thrusting into you while standing.

What You Do In The Washing Machine Position

The Washing Machine position is one in which your man must take control and be dominant, while you just need to relax, let go and enjoy yourself. But if you want, you can be quite active too.

Most washing machines are beside a wall, so you can put your hands out in front of you on the wall and push back against your man as he is thrusting into you for stronger penetration. You can also stand up so that you are more upright, like in the Bodyguard Position and reach behind to start massaging you man.

What Your Man Does In The Washing Machine Position

Your man needs to do most of the work in the Washing Machine position. He will be thrusting while standing upright. But if you are leaning right over the washing machine, your man can lean on top of you to make it more intimate.

The Washing Machine position is perfect for both anal and vaginal sex. If you are having anal sex with your man, then he can reach around and starting fingering you or just rubbing your clit to help you cum. If he wants to thrust deeper into you, then your man can grab your waist/hips with his hands and pull you into him. If he wants to thrust even harder, then he can grab your shoulders.

More Tips When Performing The Washing Machine

While many people have tried the Drill position or some variation of it, not that many students of the Bad Girl’s Bible have tried out the Washing Machine. Here are some extra tips from those that have tried it.

  • You’ll get the strongest vibrations from your washing machine when it’s spinning fastest (which is usually towards the end before the washing machine turns itself off).
  • Try using a vibrator to add extra pleasure!
  • Make sure to let your man know if he is getting carried away. It has been known to happen!

Sean’s Thoughts On The Washing Machine Sex Position

The Washing Machine is not strictly a sex position. It’s more of a sex idea or sex tip. With that being said, it still feels fantastic and is a great way to spice things up if you find that you sex life is growing dull.
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