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  • How to give your man a REAL blowjob. From start to finish. I’ll show you what you need to do to give him the most intense blowjob he has ever had.

  • How to really talk dirty. These phrases and techniques will keep your man aroused all day long.

  • How to get good in bed FAST!

  • What sex positions give both you and your man maximum pleasure.

  • 9 of my secret but ‘kinda crazy’ sexual tricks and techniques!

  • Most importantly I am going to teach you how to keep your man sexually satisfied so that his mind doesn’t wander.

If you are really interested in learning how to give great blowjobshow to talk dirty and how to get better in bed, then you need the read the Bad Girl’s Bible.

To start, here are 5 blowjob tips that you must absolutely keep in mind the next time you go down on your man.

5 Tips About Blow Jobs You Must Know

1. You Must Use Variation

You might think that just sucking his penis while moving your head up and down is going to make for a great blowjob. Sadly you’re very wrong! If you want to give him a proper blowjob and truly satisfy him, then you need to have a lot of different blow job techniques and tricks up your sleeve. Fortunately I am going to teach you everything you need to know.

testimonial1-right2. Use Your Hands
So many girls think that giving a great blowjob involves only their mouth. This is totally wrong! If you want to give him a great blowjob, then you absolutely must use your hands. Using just a few simple techniques that I describe in my newsletter will make you a queen of blowjobs. Your man will be very surprised!

3. Don’t Concentrate Only On His Penis.
Sure, his penis is the most sensitive part down there, but don’t forget that his testicles are almost as sensitive. There are also 2 other super sensitive parts that you need to pay attention to. I discuss them further inside.

4. Attitude Is Crucial.
Only a few girls seem to understand just how important your attitude is when you are giving him a blowjob. By simply being enthusiastic, you can make the whole experience far better for your man (even if you are not great at giving blowjobs right now).

5. Do Not Use Your Teeth, EVER!
A man’s penis is incredibly sensitive. The last thing you want to do is hurt him. A trick I teach girls is to wrap your lips around your gums to prevent hurting him.


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