Ben Dover Sex Position

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Ben Dover: You need to lean forward & balance with your hands, while your man holds you from behind

The Ben Dover sex position is a super enjoyable rear entry position that you must try if you already like Doggy Style or the Basset Hound. You need a little flexibility and a bit of leg strength to perform it well.

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To start doing the Bed Dover, your both need to face in the same direction while standing upright. Your man then needs to enter you. When he has penetrated you, you then need to lean over and stretch you arms out until you are touching the floor with them to balance yourself. Ideally, you should try to keep you hands as close to your feet as possible, but if you are not that flexible or it feels uncomfortable, then feel free to lean forward a bit.

What The Girl Does In The Ben Dover Position

When you first start performing the Ben Dover sex position, you may find it to be a little disorientating. This is because your head will be upside down, so make sure to tell your man to go slow and easy at first. Then once you get comfortable, start to use your arms to push back onto your man. If your hands are positioned right by your feet, then you won’t be able to push back that much.

You can also try taking him deep and then keeping him there while you grind up and down on him using your hips.

What The Guy Does In The Ben Dover Position

When your man is in the Ben Dover position, all he needs to do is simply thrust in and out. He can also bend his knees and lean back to change his angle of entry. He can obviously take all this up a notch too. He can also put his hands on your waist to help control how fast and deep he is penetrating you. Or if you are looking for something a little more kinky, then he can grab you by the hair for a slightly rougher time.

A really pleasurable thing that your man can do in the Ben Dover is to thrust deep inside you. While remaining inside you, he can then grind himself right up and down you by bending his knees. This is great for changing things up instead of simply thrusting in and out.

Things To Consider When Performing The Ben Dover Position

Having spoke to many students who have tried the popular Ben Dover, I have noticed quite a few things:

  • You will get tired much quicker than your man will when in the Ben Dover. If you find your arms starting to turn to jelly, then try bending your knees a little bit.
  • You will find that you can lean back quite heavily into your man, which will take most of the weight off your arms. This is another great way to give your arms a rest.
  • Your man can use his hand(s) to provide some manual stimulation to your clit and around your vagina.
  • The Ben Dover is perfect for anal sex too.
  • Your man needs to keep experimenting with his angle of entry until he finds something that you really enjoy.
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Ben Dover: He can thrust forwards & pull you in at the same time in this position for more intense sex.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Ben Dover Sex Position

I enjoy the Ben Dover position a lot. Sometimes performing it up against a wall is a great as it means my girl can easily push herself back onto me.

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  1. Xstacy says

    I have learned that when doing the ‘Ben Dover’ its amazing for the ladies like me who have the man that loves anal! And I have also learned that this position is far easier if, while bent, you rest your head/back against the wall. It takes alot of the stress off your arms!

    • says

      Hi Rachie,

      Firstly, don’t worry too much. It’s completely natural. It often happens due to the position you are having sex in, so try changing the position you have sex in to see if that diminishes how much air you are sucking in.


  2. CJ says

    I noticed that I have used this position in the shower before! Since my partner is still a little worried about me picking her up, holding her a against the wall isnt an option…..but this is a great alternative.

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