Chair Riding Sex Position

The Chair Riding sex position can be considered a fairly exotic one. As you can probably imagine, the Chair Riding position requires you to use 2 chairs to do it. If you don’t use the right chairs for this position, you may find it to be quite uncomfortable.

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Getting set up in the Chair Riding position takes longer than the rest of the sex positions in the Bad Girl’s Bible.

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To set up this position, first get 2 chairs so that they are facing each other. They should be quite close together so that they are almost touching each other. Your man then needs to sit down on one and open his legs quite wide. You then need to sit down on the other with your legs close together. You will both be facing each other for this position. Now you need to slowly bring yourself towards his penis while he brings his penis closer to your vagina. You will find that lifting your legs upwards makes it a whole lot easier. You may even find that putting your ankles over his shoulders like you would when performing the Octopus position makes it a lot more comfortable for you. Your man can then hold onto your legs or grab your arms to gently thrust into you.

What The Girl Does In The Chair Riding Position

When you are in the Chair Riding position, your main objective is actually to find a comfortable position. If you are using wooden chairs, you actually may find it to be too awkward to enjoy the sex.

You can gently grind on your man or lift your body up and down. You will be slightly hunched over the entire time you are in the Chair Riding position which will allow you to easily masturbate yourself. Other than that, there is really not a whole lot you can do in this position.

What The Guy Does In The Chair Riding Position

When your man is in the Chair Riding position, he will have his legs open wide, with his feet either on the floor or on the edges of your chair. He also needs to try and find a comfortable position for himself so that the chair doesn’t dig into his back too much.

To thrust into you, he can grab you by your thighs or by your arms and gently pull you in towards him. Just make sure he doesn’t pull too hard, otherwise he can hurt your arms/legs. Your man can drop his hand are rub your clit, but other than that, there is not a lot he can do.

Things To Consider When Performing The Chair Riding Position

Even though I would consider the Chair Riding positions to be a niche one, that not many students have tried, I have still managed to get some feedback on it. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Chair selection is important. If you choose the wrong chairs, then you are both in for an uncomfortable time.
  • You need a little flexibility for this one, especially if you plan on raising your legs over your man’s shoulders.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Chair Riding Sex Position

If you are interested in trying every single sex position that I describe in the Bad Girl’s Bible, then I would try the Chair Riding position last. It’s really not that fun. Like I always say, just because it’s exotic doesn’t mean that it ‘s better.

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