Acrobat Sex Position

The Acrobat sex position is a variation of the reverse cowgirl position. The acrobat is a great position that leaves you feeling exposed, with your man in control, while also providing a lot of G-Spot stimulation.

To perform it your man lies on his back, you then need to get into the reverse cowgirl sex position on top of him. This means that you need to straddle him, facing away from him, so that he is looking at your back. You will be on your knees. You need to then lay back onto your man, while trying to keep your knees on the bed.

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If you are not that flexible, you will find that the Acrobat gets tiring very quickly.

Keeping your knees on the bed is not always possible, but do try. Your man can put his hands on your back and slowly ease you down.

What The Girl Does In The Acrobat Position

When you are in the Acrobat sex position, you will be quite immobile. In other words, you will find it hard to do much other than gyrate your hips onto your man. Depending on what your man is doing, you may need to use one hand to steady yourself on top of him.

You are in a great position to masturbate yourself when performing the acrobat or put your arms back and around your man.

What The Guy Does In The Acrobat Position

Your man will be doing a good deal of the work in the Acrobat position. He should be helping to hold you in place and thrusting into you from below. He’s also in a great position to rub your clit or finger you if you are having anal sex. He can also use his hands to gently massage your breasts. If your man thrusts up and down, he will providing a lot of direct simulation to your G-Spot.

If you like to have quite intense sex in this position, then your man can grab your shoulders and pull you down with each thrust.

Things To Consider When Performing The Acrobat Position

I have spoken to a few students who have performed the Acrobat position with their partners. They have provided some great feedback which should help you to get the most out of it.

  • This position is great to use when having anal sex with your man. It’s also great because it’s a position that allows your man to finger you at the same time.
  • Ideally when you are performing the Acrobat, you should have your knees on the bed. However most people aren’t that flexible and find this position uncomfortable. This is why I recommend that you lift them up as you lean back so that you are always comfortable and don’t cramp.
  • Your man is in the perfect position to kiss you on your neck and back when performing the Acrobat.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Acrobat Sex Position

I find that this can be a great position for your man to take a lot of control during sex (even though you are on top). If you like him being very dominant, while you feel exposed and submissive, then you’ll like this. If you like, he can even put his hand around your neck for that extra feeling of dominance.

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