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After you try it a few times, you’ll find that anal sex can be just as pleasurable as regular sex.

If you have never had anal sex before, then you are in for a surprise. It’s very pleasurable when done right. Many couples have not tried anal sex for a variety of reasons or beliefs they have about it, like:

  • It’s too sore and painful.
  • It’s dirty.
  • It’s slutty.
The sad thing is that these things just aren’t true when anal sex is done right. But how do you have anal sex properly?

It’s About 2 People

Having anal sex with your man is perfectly normal and fun. But is it what both of you want? If your boyfriend is not very mature, he may think that having anal sex is really ‘cool’ and something to brag about to his friends. He may not be mature enough to see as something fun that you do together. So before you jump ahead and have anal sex with your man, you think about it first: Is anal sex something that we both want?
One of the coolest things about having anal sex with your man however is that it shows him that you are adventurous in the bedroom and are interested in trying new things with him, which is a major turn on for practically all guys.

Preparing Yourself For Anal Sex

So if you’ve decided to have anal sex with your man, then there are a few things that you’ll need to do beforehand to make sure that it’s really pleasurable for both of you.

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The first thing that I advise for your comfort is to make sure you don’t have any pubic hair around the outside of your anus. This is simply because as your man enters you, his penis can catch this hair and push it into your anus, which will make the whole experience of anal sex quite uncomfortable.

The next thing is to make sure you are really clean down there. Obviously this means making sure that you thoroughly clean yourself on the outside. Being clean on the outside is important, but so is being as clean as possible on the inside. So this means for about 24 hours before having anal sex with your man that you need to avoid any foods that will give you strong bowel movements. So avoid excessive caffeine, black liquorice, raisins, and all other foods that act as laxatives. This will help to prevent any nasty accidents or surprises during sex.

A Little Anal Practice Goes A Long Way

Far before actually having anal sex with your man, I advise that you do a little experimentation on yourself first. Put a small amount of lubricant on your finger and slowly try to insert it. You may notice that it feels a little sore initially when inserting your finger. This is to be expected. The pain is caused by your sphincter muscle. It’s just not used to having things to pushed inside. But once your finger is inside, then leave it there motionless for a few minutes. Your sphincter will almost totally relax making it a lot more comfortable.

Now try  gently taking your finger out and sliding it back in again. It should be a lot easier this time. Keep slowly pushing your finger in and out for a few minutes. 90% of girls find this action mildly arousing. If you enjoy it, then try something a little bigger, like a dildo or vibrator. Again, it may feel a little sore at first (especially if you insert something that is very cold). But if you leave it there motionless for a few minutes initially, your sphincter will relax and it will become a lot more pleasurable for you.

The more your practice, the less painful it will be each subsequent time.

How To Have Anal Sex With Your Man

If you have never practiced on yourself beforehand, then the first time you have anal sex with your man is probably going to be quite sore. This is because your sphincter muscle will have a serious problem trying to relax. But if you have first practiced on yourself, it will be much easier and very pleasurable.

The first thing you need is a good water based lubricant (also known as lube).

You absolutely must use a water based lubricant. Do not use an oil based lubricant as oil based lubricants can damage latex condoms making them degrade and more prone to breaking.

It’s always better to use a little bit more lubricant than you think you’ll need. Rub the lube over your man’s penis and around the outside of your anus. Before he enters you for the first time, I recommend that you first warm up on yourself by inserting a finger or even something slightly bigger. After warming up on yourself it’s time to take his penis and start having some anal sex!

The easiest position to be in when first trying anal sex is doggystyle. Here’s why: Your man can stay completely still on his knees, while you can slowly push backwards onto his cock. In other words you have complete control of how deep and how fast you take him.

Make sure to tell your man to stay still at first and explain to him why it hurts (the sphincter) so that he understands why you need to be in control. It may initially take a few minutes for you to fully take his dick in your ass. But once it’s in, make sure to stay still for a little while so that your sphincter can relax around it.

Once it’s relaxed, you can slowly start thrusting forwards and backwards or you may first want to take a little rest and get your man to pull out before trying it again.

The most important thing is for you is to be in control. Your man needs to know that it can hurt a little bit at first and that you need to control things at the start. Once you are comfortable, your man can take a more active role and start thrusting into you.

You’ll find that:

The more you have anal sex with your man, the more your will enjoy it.

At first it can be a little uncomfortable, but once you get used to it, you’ll find it as enjoyable as regular vaginal sex. Just give it time and make sure your boyfriend or man understands this.

4 Awesome Things About About Anal Sex

  1. It adds another way that you can have fun in the bedroom with your man which is crucial for keeping him satisfied.
  2. When you are having anal sex, it leaves you completely free to stimulate inside and outside of your vagina which can help you to have much more powerful orgasms.
  3. You can’t get pregnant from anal sex (but you can still catch diseases, so make sure that he wears a condom).
  4. You can use most of the sex positions you normally use when having vaginal sex.

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