119 Best Sex Positions (With Pictures!)

This sex positions section of the Bad Girl’s Bible is one of the most important. Below you will find instructions and information on every enjoyable, popular sex position as well as some of the more exotic ones. Enjoy!

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Girl On Top aka Straddling Your Man

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Being on top and taking control can be really fun!

If your man is always on top during sex or in the ‘dominant’ position, then straddling him is a great way to switch things up and take on a more dominant role yourself. Below you will find some of the best Girl On Top sex positions:

  1. Amazon Position
  2. Asian Cowgirl Position
  3. Bucking Bronco Position
  4. Corner Cowgirl Position
  5. Cowgirl Position
  6. Crab Position
  7. Fast Fuck Position
  8. Jugghead Position
  9. Lunge Position
  10. Man Missionary Position
  11. Reverse Cowgirl Position
  12. Rodeo Position
  13. Sliding Lady Position
  14. Sybian Position
  15. Thigh Tide Position

Sitting Sex Positions

sitting, sex positions, bad girls bible

Why not sit down and let your man do the work?

These sitting sex positions are great if you have tired or sore legs. If you want your man to do the majority of work, while you literally “sit back and enjoy the ride”, then try out these positions below:

  1. Delight Position
  2. High Chair Position

Standing Sex Positions

standing up, sex positions, bad girls bible

Got bored of having sex in bed? Then try it standing up!

Some of these standing sex positions are great for when you want to have more physically vigorous sex with your man. Another great thing about having sex while standing up is that you don’t need a bed. Perfect for when you want to have sex around the house and elsewhere….

  1. Ballerina Position
  2. Ben Dover Position
  3. Bodyguard Position
  4. Burning Man Position
  5. Dancer Position
  6. Pump Position
  7. Slow Dance Position
  8. Washing Machine Position

Sitting Down On Your Man’s Lap Sex Positions

sitting on his lap, sex positions, bad girls bible

Sex positions, where you sit down your mans lap can make for some really intimate sex.

Any sex position where you are sitting down on your man’s lap means that you can make a lot of body contact with him. Perfect for when you want to have more intimate sex!

  1. After Dinner Position
  2. Back Seat Driver Position
  3. Bouncing Spoon Position
  4. Lap Dance Position
  5. Lotus Position
  6. Mastery Position
  7. See Saw Position
  8. Side Ride Position
  9. Side Saddle Position
  10. Sofa Surprise Position

Exotic Sex Positions

exotic, sex positions, bad girls bible

If you find yourself getting bored with the ‘Regular’ sex positions, then try some of these exotic ones!

All of these exotic sex positions are quite hard to classify, so I decided to give them a section to themselves as they are either a lot different from the other sex position groups or they are very difficult to perform.

If you ever want to try something radically different, then I highly suggest that you try out one of these. Although you might want to stretch first!

  1. Acrobat Position
  2. Betty Rocker Position
  3. Big Dipper Position
  4. Bridge Position
  5. Chair Riding Position
  6. G Spot Sniper Position
  7. Jellyfish Position
  8. Lazy Wheelbarrow Position
  9. Life Raft Position
  10. Little Dipper Position
  11. Octopus Position
  12. Pearly Gates Position
  13. Piledriver Position
  14. Piston Position
  15. Scissors Position
  16. Socket Position
  17. Stand & Carry Position
  18. Swiss Miss Position
  19. Tango Position
  20. Wheel Barrow Position

Lying On Your Side Sex Positions

lying on your side, sex positions, bad girls bible

Lying on your side can make for some really slow & sensual sex for both you and your man.

If you are tired or would prefer your man to do the bulk of the work during sex, then you should try some of these lying on your side positions. A lot of these positions also include Spooning or a variation of Spooning, which is pretty much the most intimate lovemaking position you can do with your man.

  1. Intersection Position
  2. Irish Spooning Position
  3. Leg Glider Position
  4. Mongolian Smurf Position
  5. Poles Apart Position
  6. Screw Position
  7. Side Entry Missionary Position
  8. Sofa Spooning Position
  9. Spooning Position
  10. Sporking Position
  11. Twister Position

Lying On Your Back Sex Positions

lying on your back, sex positions, bad girls bible

There are plenty of positions when lying on your back. This is great for those who like their man on top.

These sex positions all involve lying on your back. This includes probably the most famous of all sex positions, Missionary. If you prefer your man to be in a more dominant position than you during sex, then you should try some of the positions below:

  1. Anvil Position
  2. Bent Spoon Position
  3. Brute Position
  4. Butterfly Position
  5. Coital Alignment Technique
  6. Cowboy Position
  7. Criss-Cross Position
  8. Cross Position
  9. Deckchair Position
  10. Deep Impact Position
  11. Down Stroke Position
  12. Drill Position
  13. Exposed Eagle Position
  14. Hang Loose Position
  15. Italian Hanger Position
  16. Launch Pad Position
  17. Missionary Position
  18. Missionary 180 Sex Position
  19. Pirates Bounty Position
  20. Playing Of The Cello Position
  21. Right Angle Sex Position
  22. Sandwich Position
  23. Tug Of Love Position
  24. Victory Position
  25. Viennese Oyster Position
  26. X Marks The Spot Position

Lying On Your Stomach Sex Positions

lying on your stomach, belly, sex positions, bad girls bible

Having sex while lying on your stomach is great if you are really tired and want to relax.

Having sex with your man while lying on your stomach can be very relaxing and intimate or alternatively, it can be quite vigorous, hot and sexy depending on what type of mood you are in.

  1. Bumper Cars Position
  2. Irish Garden Position
  3. Jockey Position
  4. Rear Entry Position
  5. Superwoman Position

Doggy Style Sex Positions

doggy style, sex positions, bad girls bible

If you enjoy ‘taking it from behind’ then you’ll love all these different variations of Doggy Style!

Doggystyle sex is probably the most talked about sex position. Most couples find Doggystyle sex to be naughty and hot, while some find it a great way to hit angles they wouldn’t otherwise hit. But Doggystyle doesn’t just involve one position. There are a lot of different variations, which you will find below.

  1. Bassett Hound Position
  2. Bulldog Position
  3. Corner Doggy Position
  4. Doggy Style Position
  5. Fire Hydrant Position
  6. Frog Leap Position
  7. Leapfrog Position
  8. Rear Admiral Position
  9. Stairway To Heaven Position
  10. Final Furlong Position
  11. Turtle Position

Kneeling Sex Positions

kneeling, sex positions, knees, bad girls bible

Sometimes it’s really fun to switch things up and to try having sex while kneeling.

When many folks first start trying out new sex positions, they immediately try variations of the most common positions, like Missionary or Doggystyle. It turns out that most of these ‘regular’ positions involve you either lying on your back or on your stomach.

For a lot of couples, these variations of ‘regular’ positions are just too similar. If you are finding this to be the case, then why not try out some of the kneeling positions below. They all involve you being on your knees.

  1. Bended Knee Position
  2. Book Ends Position
  3. Dublin Shuffle Position
  4. Shoe Shiner Position
  5. Teaspooning Position

69 Sex Positions

69, sex positions, bad girls bible, sixty nine

Oral sex is one of the most enjoyable parts of getting physical with your man. That’s why we included these different 69 positions!

The 69 sex position is great for those who like to both give and receive oral sex. But there is more than one way to do the sixty nine with your man.

  1. Traditional 69 Position
  2. 69 Suspended Position
  3. Face Off Position
  4. Golden Gate Position

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