Thigh Tide Sex Position

The Thigh Tide sex position is a really fun and easy to perform position. It’s perfect to use if you find that you are getting bored from all the regular sex positions with your guy.

To perform it, your man needs to start out by lying on his back with his legs straight and spread slightly apart. Then he needs to raise one knee slightly and plant his foot on the bed. You then need to put one knee on either side of his bent leg and sit down on his crotch while facing away from him. You then need to use your legs to raise yourself up and down on him. Make sure to hold onto your man’s leg to help steady yourself.

thigh tide, sex position, bad girls bible
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The Thigh Tide position is great for really slow, sensual grinding!

What The Girl Does In The Thigh Tide Position

The Thigh Tide position is quite unlike any sex position that you will have tried before. Your legs will be doing most of the work, pushing yourself up and down on him, but you can hold onto his leg with your arms to help pull yourself up and down.

One of the really cool things about Thigh Tide is that you can bring your clitoris into direct contact with his thigh to stimulate it as you move upwards and downwards. If you want to change the angle that your man is entering you at, then you can lean quite far forwards towards his knee or away, by lying onto his stomach.

What The Guy Does In The Thigh Tide Position

In the Thigh Tide position, your man doesn’t need to do much. He can just lie there while you move yourself up and down on him. But he can be much more active too.

If he wants, he can simply thrust up and down into you. But as he has one leg bent with a foot on the bed, he will be able to penetrate you with a good bit more force. He can also put his hands at the back of your waist and push you towards his thigh, so that you get more clitoral stimulation.

thigh tide, sexual position, bad girls bible

By grabbing his knee and pulling it towards you, you can get a lot more clitoral stimulation!

Things To Consider When Performing The Thigh Tide Position

A number of students of the Bad Girl’s Bible have tried out the Thigh Tide position with their man. They have reported back some really useful tips and information on it:

  • The Thigh Tide is really easy to do, meaning that you don’t need much flexibility at all to do it.
  • Even though it’s an easy position to perform with your man, most couples still have never tried it. This makes it perfect to use if you find yourselves getting bored of the regular positions.
  • Anal sex is just as easy as vaginal sex in the Thigh Tide position.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Thigh Tide Sex Position

I consider the Thigh Tide position to sort of like a ‘Secret Sex Weapon’. For some reason it seems that few know of it’s existence, but once you and your man try it, you will love it. You may even be interested in trying it out when facing in the opposite direction, while  still straddling one of his legs.
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  1. Richie Green says

    I like all your position even though I’ve never tried any of them my girl doesn’t want to change from Grandma and Grandpa so I guess I will have to find me a little it someone who is willing and open to all styles and positions.

  2. Shelli says

    I have a displaced hip which makes it hard for me to spread my legs wide for “normal” girl on top positions. This just gave us that option again. We love it!

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