Scissors Sex Position

The Scissors is a very exotic looking but fairly easy to perform sex position. This is one sex position that you may find hard to imagine without a picture to describe it.

scissors, sexual position, bad girls bible

It may look difficult, but the Scissors position is quite easy.

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To perform the Scissors sex position with your man, start by lying on your side so that one leg is on the bed and your other leg is right on top of it. Next raise your leg and bend it so that your man has easy access to your vagina. Your man is also going to be lying on his side. But he will be lying so that his head is close to your feet. He now needs to slip his lower leg underneath your lower leg right by your crotch.

Next he will put his upper leg over your lower leg and move his crotch towards you until he can penetrate you. So your lower leg will be between his legs. You will be lying on your side, facing away from your man and he will be facing towards your back. After he enters you, he just needs to start thrusting.

What The Girl Does In The Scissors Position

When you are in the Scissors position with your man, you first need to get comfortable. As you will be lying on your man’s thigh it can feel a little awkward.

Once you are set up in position with your man, then all you need to do is ‘go with the flow’ of your man. In other words, gently thrust back onto your man as he is thrusting into you. You’ll find that you are using your entire body to thrust back into your man, both your arms and legs. You can grab hold of your man’s leg(s) to give yourself some leverage to thrust back onto him.

What The Guy Does In The Scissors Position

Your man also needs to make sure that he is comfortable in the Scissors position. You will be resting part of your weight on his leg after all! Once he is comfortable, then he can just focus on thrusting in and out as you thrust back onto him.

He’ll be able to easily grab hold of your top leg to pull himself in towards you as he is penetrating you.

scissors, sex position, bad girls bible

When you perform the Scissors position in front of a wall, you can push back against it with your hands for stronger thrusting.

Things To Consider When Performing The Scissors Position

Having spoken to a few students of the Bad Girl’s Bible who have performed the Scissors position with their man, they have given some useful feedback that you should consider when doing it with your man:

  • You may find that you need to fiddle/fool around in the Scissors position for a bit until you find an angle that you both enjoy.
  • You can use your hand to provide yourself with some clitoral stimulation while performing the Scissors.
  • Performing the Scissors position on a single bed is tricky. You need space!

Sean’s Thoughts On The Scissors Sex Position

I like the Scissors position, especially as a change from regular sex. But to be super clear about it: Just because it’s exotic and looks really ‘out there’ it does not mean that it’s more pleasurable. I say this about a lot of exotic sex positions and techniques and the Scissors is no different.

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