Wheel Barrow Sex Position

The Wheel Barrow sex position is more a test of strength than a fun and enjoyable sex position for you and your man. But it can be fun to try once or twice if you find that things starting to get stale in the bedroom.

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As you can see in the picture above, performing the Wheel Barrow is very difficult. For most it feels more like Sexercise.

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To perform the Wheel Barrow, think back to when you were in school and had ‘wheel barrow’ races. You would be facing towards the ground, resting a large part of you weight on your hands with your arms extended. Your man would then be standing in between your legs and holding them while you walk forward. The Wheel Barrow sex position is almost identical to this. You need to do everything the same as you normally would, except your man will much closer to you this time so that he can penetrate you.

What You Do In The Wheel Barrow Position

When you are in the Wheel Barrow position, you will find that your arms and hands get tired incredibly quickly. You may find that you are exhausted after less than a minute of performing it. As your man is thrusting in and out, you just need to try and keep your balance. That’s pretty much it.

But to help carry some of your weight, you can try squeezing your legs around your man.

What Your Man Does In The Wheel Barrow Position

If you plan on doing the Wheel Barrow position with your man, then make sure that he knows how tiring it can be for you. This way, he will know to help carry some of your weight during it. He should lean forward slightly and put his hands under your waist to help hold you up. Alternatively he can put a pillow under your waist and hold either side of it. You’ll find this much more comfortable and less painful than having your man grab you.

Your man will make it harder for you to balance if he starts thrusting forwards and backwards, pushing you forwards and backwards as he does. It’s much better if he can perform a more ‘up and down’ motion as it will allow you to stay steady more easily.

More Tips When Performing The Wheel Barrow Position

Quite a few students of the Bad Girl’s Bible have tried out the Wheel Barrow with their men. Most of them saw it as something fun to try with their man, but not as a serious sex position. Here is some of their feedback and tips on it.

  • Anal sex can be performed quite easily in the Wheel Barrow position.
  • The Wheel Barrow is perfect if you are interested in Sexercise as it is really tough on your arms and shoulders.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Wheel Barrow Sex Position

To be perfectly honest, the Wheel Barrow is not a sex position that I consider to be useful. It’s far too much work. I advise that you try out some of the other great sex positions that you’ll find in the Bad Girl’s Bible.

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