Launch Pad Sex Position

The Launch Pad sex position is a favorite among Bad Girl’s Bible readers. It’s super pleasurable and has the nice feeling of your man being on top of you, dominating you.

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In the Lauchpad position, you can use your feet to push back against your man’s chest to control how deep you take him.

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To get into the Launch Pad position, you need to start off by lying on your back with your man penetrating while on his knees facing you. You then need to lift your legs upwards and bring your knees to your chest. You can then rest your feet on your mans chest. Your man can then lean over you which will allow you to easily raise your hips allowing for really deep penetration. Moving into the Launch Pad position from a position like the Deep Impact is a piece of cake.

What The Girl Does In The Launch Pad Position

When you are lying on your back in the Launch Pad position, your man will seem like he has most of the control. But you will actually be the one who has most control. Because your feet are on his chest you can control how deep and fast he penetrates you.

If you find having your feet on your man’s chest to be uncomfortable, then you can always just put them on either side of him or both to one side of him. If you do, it may look more like you are in the anvil or deckchair positions though. As your hips will be lifted up slightly in this position, it’s perfect for masturbating yourself to help bring yourself to orgasm.

What The Guy Does In The Launch Pad Position

Sex in the Launch Pad position is really straightforward for your man. He just needs to thrust in and out. But if you want him to hit a certain spot or fuck you at ‘that perfect angle’ in the Launch Pad position, then he will need to adjust himself a little bit from leaning right over you to leaning quite far back until he finds a really great angle. You can help control how much he leans over you using your feet. Other than thrusting in and out and adjusting the angle he penetrates you at, there is not a whole lot else your man needs to do.

Things To Consider When Performing Launch Pad Sex Position

Many students of the Bad Girl’s Bible have tried the Launch Pad position with their man. Some of their feedback on it has proved to be very insightful:

  • Anal sex is just as easy in the Launch Pad position.
  • Make sure that both of your share the workload. Your man can thrust in to you and you can push him back out with your feet.
  • Some guys get a little over-enthusiastic in this position and lean so far over you, that they begin to hurt your legs. If this starts to happen, make sure to let your man know.
  • If you are not flexible enough to perform the Launch Pad, then just try putting your feet to the side instead of on his chest.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Launch Pad Position

The Launch Pad is a great position. It really pleasurable and satisfying for both of you and it’s fairly easy to perform as well.

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