69 Sex Position

The 69 sex position is one of the world’s most famous and one of the most popular among of our 117 sex positions. It works so well because both partners are getting a ton of oral action from each other. Although this is not a penetrative sex position like the Mongolian Smurf position, it’s definitely one worth knowing.

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In this image, the man is on top, but if you scroll down the page, you can see one with the girl on top.

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To perform it, you need to lie on your bed on your side and face in the opposite direction to your partner who will also be lying on his side. This means that your head will be right by his cock and testicles, while his head will be right by your vagina. You then need to start giving your man a blowjob while also working his balls with your hands/mouth. Meanwhile, he needs to be performing cunnilingus on you. This mutual pleasuring of each other can be really satisfying and intimate at the same time for both of you.

What The Girl Does In The 69 Position

When you are in the 69 position, you just need to give your man a blowjob as you normally would. But if you are interested in making it a great blowjob, then make sure to use some of these bj tips and oral sex techniques to spice things up a bit. Don’t forget to also pay attention to his balls too. If you find that your mouth is starting to get sore or tired when giving him a blowjob, feel free to switch to giving him a handjob instead.

What The Guy Does In The 69 Position

Your guy’s job is to perform cunnilingus on you when he’s in the 69 position. If he’s not very good at it, then you might need to give him some pointers. You may find it awkward to approach it like you are his teacher. You’ll find it easier to just be more vocal when he is hitting a good spot, try saying things like, “Right there!” or “That feels amazing!” when he is licking you in a really pleasurable way.

Your man can also use his fingers when your are 69ing with him.

69, sex position, girl on top, bad girls bible

The 69 is a great way to end foreplay before you start having sex.

Things To Consider When Performing The 69 Sex Position

A lot of students have tried the 69 with their man and have great things to say about it. Here is some of their best advice and tips that I have heard from them:

  • The 69 is is perfect for during foreplay with your man.
  • You don’t have to only lie on your side during the 69. If you like, you can lie on your back while your man is supporting himself above you on his hands and knees. Or he can lie on his back, while you are above him.
  • When sucking your man’s dick, you can try grabbing the base of it with one hand to prevent it from going too far into your throat.
  • It you want more intense stimulation from your man, get him to wrap his arms around your waist to pull you in on top of him.
  • If you don’t like the idea of kissing your man right after performing the 69 on him, then make sure to keep some mints/gum close by to cover any tastes you don’t want.
  • If you feel that you are about to climax, then take your man’s penis out of your mouth. People often clench their jaws as they orgasm. This is why you do not want to orgasm when his cock is in your mouth!
  • If your man is usually quite quick to ejaculate, then it might be a good idea to let him eat you out for a while first, before you start giving him a blowjob. That way you both get a ton of enjoyment out of it and your are not left wanting.

Sean’s Thoughts On The 69 Position

The vast majority of people (both men and women) enjoy performing the 69 position along with the rest of our 117 sex positions with professional photographs. A nice little variation that I like to use is called ‘The Race To 69’. It’s basically just a simple sex game where you try to make your man orgasm before he makes you orgasm. The winner is the person who orgasms last. It’s a little silly but it’s great for spicing things up and keeping sex fun.

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