12 Wild Dirty Talk Phrases To Make Him Horny!

Nobody likes having boring, quiet sex every single time you jump into bed with your man. To be honest, that’s why I created the Bad Girl’s Bible, so you never have bad sex again.

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These dirty talk phrases will keep your man hot for you!

Quick Note: If you want to learn my most powerful dirty talking phrases, tips & techniques, then you will learn a lot from this dirty talking tutorial video. Enjoy!

Using these dirty talk phrases is a great way to turn your man on and to add a whole new dimension to your sex life. However before you rush out and start using these dirty phrases, there are a few things you should first know…

Most guys really enjoy it when a girl starts talking dirty to them. Only a small percentage of men don’t. So don’t worry if your man happens to be one of those guys who isn’t into it.

If you suddenly start talking really dirty to your man, then there is a good chance that he is going to get a little freaked out. It’s a much better idea to slowly introduce dirty talk that is not too extreme or ‘out there’. You’ll also find that it’s easiest and most natural to introduce dirty talk in the bedroom when you are both alone. But once you get comfortable talking dirty to your man, then definitely start using it outside of the bedroom. Using dirty talk in text messages is also really effective.

As I constantly say to girls learning how to talk dirty, you don’t have to be super sexual with the phrases and lines your use to turn him on. Sometimes the more subtle phrases are great for building sexual tension and to keep him thinking about you, instead of immediately turning him on.

Below are twelve dirty talk phrases to use on your man. I have organized them into groups of three. Each group is slightly more sexual and ‘out there’ than the last.

Not Very Sexual Dirty Talk Phrases

“I feel so small when you wrap your arms around me.”

“Sometimes my legs get weak when you kiss me.”

“I’ve got a sexy surprise for you later… x” (great when sent as a text message/IM/email)

A Little Sexual Dirty Talk Phrases

“I wish we could just stay in bed and have sex all day long.”

“I love it when you wear tight clothes and I can see your ass.”

“Guess what color my panties are?”

Very Sexual Dirty Talk

“Just being with you makes me wet!”

“If we weren’t at this party and these people weren’t around, I would jump you right now!”

“I miss your cock.” (great when sent as a text message/IM/email)

Super Sexual Dirty Talk

“I just want to be your little fuck doll…”

“I want to feel your cock in my mouth right now.”

“I love it when you fuck me like a slut.”

But don’t solely rely on saying a few dirty phrases to turn your man on. Instead you should try to really understand why you should talk dirty to your man. Hint: it’s so that you can build sexual tension, turn him on and keep him attracted to you. If you want to learn more (including more dirty talking examples), then you will learn pretty much everything you need to know from this dirty talking instructional video. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed my tips in this article but want a true sex masterclass, then you may be interested in watching this blow job tutorial video where you'll learn my most powerful techniques & tips for giving your man incredible oral sex. Enjoy!

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  1. Lynn says

    I am in a relationship where my partner has been in another country for the past two months, and we will not be reunited for another three months. Is there any way to intensify cyber sex or sexting?

  2. Jennifer says

    Hi new to this. I’m in a 3 year relationship and pregnant. Is there any sexy way with pregnancy tips to keep him thinking of me. Lol Ty.

    • Sean says

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for you question, there is! You can still use pretty much all the oral sex tips on the site and obviously all the dirty talking tips. Just make sure to avoid anything that puts pressure on your stomach or could potentially hurt your unborn child. I will be writing a resource for exactly this shortly…stay tuned!

      • Kathleen says

        Hi Jennifer,

        I was having sex with my partner right up until the day I went into labour. I found being on all fours with him behind and my head and shoulders on the bed was the best position once my tummy got really big, he also loved the view of my arse!

        Also don’t be afraid to just get on him in cowgirl position! Men are strong, you wont squash him and he’ll love seeing you enjoy yourself, (and the fabulous view of your breasts too).


  3. olivia says

    Hey Sean! Thanks for hearing me out. I think I went overboard with my man from the get-go. I’m a perv most of the time and far more sexual than most chics. My man is less sexual than most guys. And now he thinks that I can only think about fucking and he just rolls his eyes every time I bring up sex. This kills me. It makes me feel unattractive and stupid to tell the truth. And of course, like all taboos, makes me want it more and him want it less. WTF? How do I rectify the situation? How do I turn around what I fucked up from the beginning? I’m so sad with how things have turned out. He’s a very good lover, and this only makes it harder (for me, not him). I want him to want me like I want him! Like before he knew how much I was into him, he was totally into me, but, now that he knows I’m his, he could just as much do without me. I love and adore him beyond words, how do I get him back on the same page? Please help. I’m completely lost and in need of advice. Thank you.

    • Sean says

      Hi Olivia,

      I feel your pain! Although your question is about sex, it’s also very much a relationship one. I really feel that the best thing you can do is to talk to your man about it. Don’t confront him or make him feel uncomfortable about it. But do talk to him about it and see if he understands your situation.


    • Carry says

      You need a man that is as sexual as you, maybe even more. You need a man that will satisfy your sexual needs, yes he might be a great lover but will you guys are both not on the same page when it comes to sex. What man rejects pussy? Seriously? Get yourself a lover that enjoys sex as much as you do! It might be the hardest thing to let him go, but it’s your life’s happiness.

  4. Ashley says

    I have a couple of questions actually, I am married and we have been married for 10 years and we dated 3 years when we first got together we always would hug up and he would kiss me i mean really kiss me and about 5 years ago i had our son and i got very sick i had a massive stroke but now i am better and now all he will do is give me a kiss well a peck (lol). When we have sex he just asks me do u want to do something and i am like what the heck. He never says the word (sex) out loud and he wont let me give him a blowjob or he wont go down on me either how would i get him to have sex other ways than just the missionary way and i want him so bad and it makes me feel like i am so ugly and it is hard just to talk to him about it, i have tried and he gets mad at me for me just ask. Please Help!!!!!!

    • says

      Hi Ashley,

      This sounds like more of a relationship & communication problem with your man. Unfortunately that’s not something I cover in the Bad Girl’s Bible :( What I would advise is find out what turns him on and arouses him by talking to him about it.


      • Fatima says

        Hi Ashley,

        I think what you DO NOT need to do is:

        1. dont talk to him about it (since you said you already have) because he will feel like your nagging or he cant satisfy you which will not spark passion in him to want to please you more.

        What you need to do is:

        1. Be pleasant, a smile goes a long way. and you’re probably thinking what’s this gotta do with sex but it overall attitude does have something to do with sex! (in my opinion)

        2. Appreciate whatever little he does. dont look at what hez not doin in bed to please you.pay attention to whatever little he is doin right in bed and tell him how great the missionary style was, (Be genuine)

        3. Always look your best, exercise and wear clothes that complement your figure. smell nice too. you’ll start feeling good about yourself and when you start feeling confident about your looks and body, you naturally start to appear sexier and appealing.

        4.see if anything changes and let me know.

    • Shelbie says

      um this is for Ashley lol. Hi Ashley, I understand what you’re going through.. after I lost my last son and had a D&C my fiancee felt that I was fragile. Maybe this is how your man feels? Don’t give up on talking to him, make sure that he knows how you’re feeling hun. He’s probably scared of hurting you or doing something wrong so just talk to him. Communication and Trust are the foundations of a relationship. Without them, your relationship could fall apart.. Just tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels. I hope it works out..

      Blessed Be,


    • Christina says

      Ashley I think Fatima is right. My husband and I were having problems in the bedroom too. I stop focusing on that issue and just started focusing on me. I started to workout, lose weight, dressing sexier and feeling more good about myself and always had a smile on my face. I just recently started texting him little messages like Sean said and my husband’s attitude has totally changed. Just the other night he said that i have changed so much, I ask if it was bad, he was like no I like this a lot. Like with anything in life the only thing you can control is yourself, everything else will fall in line.

  5. Sistina says

    OLivia I am in the very same situation than you with my man. I feel he loves me but sometimes I feel he doesn’t desires me. My man is an amazing lover but he doesn’t like sex like me (or do it with me?). I think I try everything. Abstinence, , being a shy and lovely girl, tantra, kamasutra, white tigress’ things. I don’t want to end my relationship but I feel tired fighting and talking about it. Sean help me!

    • says

      Hi Sistina,

      This is a tricky question as I don’t normally deal with relationship questions. My only advice that I can give you is to talk to him and see if you can get him to be truly honest. Find out what he really wants, what his turn ons are and go from there.


  6. Vanessa says

    So, my boyfriend and I have been together for one year, but we live an hour away from each other. I want to leave him speechless after having sex, when we do have time. I want to try new things. Since we are an hour away, I want him to keep thinking about me once I leave, be have things interesting between us! How or what can I do? Please help! Thank you!

  7. Jennifer says

    How do I learn to swallow? I want to surprise my husband of 18 years with this special thing but I’m’ not sure how to do it without gagging – that would kind of ruin it.

    • says

      Hi Jennifer,

      First try swallowing just a tiny amount of his ejaculate the next time your give him a blowjob. Then if you enjoy that, try swallowing a bit more. Let me know how you get on!


      • L Wolf says

        Sean, I appreciate your website and valuable information, but I disagree with this advice to Jennifer.

        A sure-fire way to swallow is just before he ejaculates put the penis deep in your mouth and you will swallow effortlessly without even tasting it.

    • L Wolf says

      When you are pleasuring him orally and he about to orgasm, put the tip deep in your mouth, and you will swallow the ejaculate without even tasting it.

  8. Lisa says

    Hi, is there any way of pleasing my man, because I don’t do BJs the smell makes me feel sick. Can I do anything else? Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Lisa,
      If you don’t enjoy the smell, then talk to your man about it and make sure that he thoroughly cleans himself before you try it. But if you still don’t want to do it, then why not try giving him a handjob. You can find some great tips in this article on handjobs.

      • aairah says

        Hey sean,
        Actually I just got married about a month ago and due to reasons my husband had to leave the town and go out! Hes returning in like 10 day! The thing is i’m very shy wid him and i also feel very awkward in having sex (the way he wants) as in changing positions and giving a blow job! Usually i’m very nervous about it! I cannot completely participate ! Could u pls help me as im tensed about my future sex life!

    • Cheyenne says

      If it’s purely the smell that is a turn off, join him in the shower! He won’t smell like anything except water! And it’s definitely a sexy move on your part.

  9. Jami says

    Hi Sean, 4 some reason i’ve always had a problem talkin dirty not just 2 my man just talkin dirty period n idk y. i made a promise 2 my man n i was that ur word is ur bond. & I really hate breaking a promise. can u plz help me?

  10. Lilly Rose says

    hi sean, im afraid of giving a blow job to a man i don’t have a small mouth and small tongue, I’m afraid the guy will think I’m not good or anything, what should i do?

    • says

      Hi Lilly,

      The first thing that I advise is not worrying about it. Most people don’t do it perfectly the first time they try it. Try using just 2 or 3 of my tips from the blowjob section on him. The best way to get better is with experience.


  11. lola says

    So tonight I put the baby to sleep early and I told my bf to stay up with me all night and have sex and he sounded like hue was edited but rite after we finished the first round he said he was really tiered and wanted to go to sleep should I be upset or should I just drop it… And the sex was amazing!

    • says

      Hi Lola,

      In my opinion, it sounds like you shouldn’t be upset. Guys often feel tired enough to sleep after sex and your man will be no different. However, you should talk to him to let him know how you’re feeling about it. The key to great sex and a great relationship is great communication after all.


  12. Sookie says

    I need help talking dirty it’s hard four me I don’t no why. I’m married an we live long distance
    So phone is all I got right now with him . He’s in the marines ! But it’s really hard I miss him more
    Wen I try an talk dirty to him .

    • says

      Hi Sookie,
      Try start with something easy like, “I miss you so much”, “I wish you were here right now”, “I’m going to give you such a great time when you get home!”

      It doesn’t need to be super sexual, but once you notice the positive reaction that you get to it, you’ll feel a lot more confident getting more sexual on the phone.


      • Shelbie says

        Hey Sean,

        I get kinda nervous about telling my partner what I want him to do. I feel like I’m being bossy in otherwords so I kinda don’t tell him.. I don’t know how to overcome this fear. Can I get some help?

        Thanks, Shelbie.

        • says

          Hi Shelbie,

          Here’s what I’d recommend doing in this situation: The first thing is letting him know how hot, horny and enjoyable you find that things that you want. So if you really want to try a certain position, let him know that it’s something you think would be really fun and hot to try.

          Let me know how it goes!


  13. louise says

    Hi Sean,
    I am in a relationship at the moment with a guy who is a lot older than myself and am worried he will soon get bored of me as he has a lot more sexual experience than I do as i do not have much. Do you have any suggestions on how I can keep him interested in me, or things I could try to keep him on his toes?

  14. Lynn says

    Hey Louise,
    I was in the same situation as you in a way. Just be calm and when you start to get intimate and become unsure if he is enjoying himself, just ask. Maybe say something:
    1. You’re a little quiet there boy. How do you want me?

    If you’re a little shy maybe you could just ask him what he likes or what kind of porn he watches.

  15. Lucy says

    Hi Sean,
    I just got together with my first bf he is older than me. I am virgin. I have never done this kind of stuff before and anything like that. How can I still satisfy him? What can I do to make him lose his mind? I wish I was more experienced… And I think he would never say to me that I’m sucks even if am. Do you have some good tips to girls that are as inexperienced as I am?

    • says

      Hi Lucy,

      Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! My advice is to not over think things too much. Try to relax and enjoy the experience. You may be interested in checking out the sex positions section for some ideas on what positions that BOTH of you might enjoy.


  16. Melissa says


    So my one year anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up very soon and I want it to be very special for both him and me. And I was wondering if there are even better ways I can spice it up and surprise him to give both of us a memory that will last for a life time.
    Any tips?


    • says

      Hi Melissa,
      Honestly, there are a hundred different things you could potentially do based on my tips on the Bad Girl’s Bible, but at the end of the day it’s really up to you which ones you use. After all, you know your man better than me.

      If you really do want to blow his mind though, here is one suggestion: Make it all about him and don’t expect anything in return (although if it’s your anniversary, then obviously he should be pulling his weight!). So you could sit him down and just start giving him a very slow blow job. Then you could lead him to your bedroom, push him down on the bed and just start riding him in a position like cowgirl. It’s a great way to show him how attracted you are to him and how much you care about him.

      Have fun!


  17. Alsia says

    i was hoping to get sexual advise me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 years now and are thinking of getting married but i have a problem i love him and feel comfortable around him sexually but i just cant feel any pleasure during sex and i was wandering if you have any position or ideas that we could try to help the sexual frustration I’m feeling

    • says

      Hi Alsia,

      The first thing is making sure that you can easily orgasm by yourself (without using a vibrator, dildo or excessive pressure). If you can easily orgasm while masturbating, then it’s a case of incorporating what you enjoy and get off on into your sex life.

      So if you enjoy direct clitoral stimulation, then you should try positions like the coital alignment technique as well as cowgirl. You can also try most doggystyle variations as you will easily be able to rub your clit throughout.

      Others prefer the feeling of their man dominating them. If that sounds like you, then you’ll find the anvil position or even the deckchair position to really fun!

      The real key to discovering how to enjoy sex more is by experimenting and focusing on what is actually fun and enjoyable while ignoring the things that don’t bring you much pleasure.

      Let me know how things go!


  18. shannon says

    hey Sean,
    just need your thoughts My husband and I have ben married 11 years in that time we have had a lot of things go on he had an affair 6 years ago I forgave him . Both my parents died last year with in 10 months of each other and I emotionally and physically pushed him away not intentionally but I shut down . I found out recently he has been texting this older women he says their friends I want to trust him however she show him attention I didn’t so now I want to spice it up ( we have decided to work on our marriage) but don’t want to come off to pushy where do I start?

  19. Kirstie Sorec says

    Hi, I’m kinda new to al this. I am 24 and I’m married to the most wonderful man in the world but I feel like he is more interested in his playstation and drinking then me! I just don’t know what to do. He says if I pay him more attention then he’ll give me more attention but it just doesn’t seem to work. Our sex life has pretty much come to a stop and we have only been together for 5 years! What can I do??

    • says

      Hi Kristie,
      This sounds like both a relationship and sex question. As I am not a relationship expert, let me help with the sex side of things. The most important thing to do is to talk to him about it. Let him know your wants, needs and desires. Next, I would suggest that you start taking the initiative. So start initiating sex, try wearing something a bit more provocative than usual. You can even try sitting down beside him one day and just start rubbing his crotch with your hand. Let me know how things go.

  20. Annette says

    This guy I have know for years, we went out years ago and just kissed that’s it. Well he moved away, I moved away he moved back asked about me. I finally moved back.We never really talked because we didn’t think either one of us where interested in the other one. Well now he just got married again a year ago and im divorced. We now work together and are texing each other and the texes are pretty deep. And he has kissed me also.I feel so bad and why would a newly wed man do that.He wants us to get down and dirty together. But I so want to but my feelings would get involved,and I don’t understand why he would do that to his wife.Please help

  21. Melissa says

    Dear Sean,
    My question is this. I love my boyfriend very much and we are able to talk openly and honestly about our sex life we joke and play and have no problems discussing what we want or what our limits are. I love the idea of dirty talk and he is very good at it but I seem to keep hitting some mental roadblock I can text him all the naughty things I want to say and do but when I try to say them out loud I just can’t do it I giggle and blush and clam up. What can I do so I can get over this awkwardness? Please help

    • says

      Hi Melissa,

      Start with the smallest, easiest thing when it comes to talking dirty…moaning. Just moan a little louder than normal. Once you are comfortable with that, progress to using just one or 2 words, “Yes”, “Like that”, “Harder”, etc. Then progress to using longer and longer dirty talking phrases.


  22. Jenny says

    Hi Sean,
    I’m hoping you can help me out please I’m stuck in a situation obviously it’s about a guy. So there is this guy that I’ve known for three years we met in pre-military sort of thing. I find him overly attractive in multiple ways for his appearance, personality, behaviour, sexually you name it I’m attracted to him. So he could tell that I liked him and I think he liked me… So we’ve been friends for a while. Just recently we started dating h it e picked me up for lunch in a really nice car and we had lunch and He asked me if be ok for us to be a couple so I said yes and a hug turned into a cuddling session and a cuddling session turned into passionate kissing making out to grinding then sex. It was lovely and the first date we had sex. Is that alright? We text another consistently and friendly texting and sexual and and all that.. Then 5 days later he drove up to where I was and started telling me reasons why we shouldn’t date and he broke up with me. He said the reasons were that I was 4 years younger than he and it was illegal and he could get charged. So I looked it up and it’s not then I confronted him and he said nother that reason but because he’s a higher rank in the military than I so he could be charged and no he cannot I looked it up the law says “As long as both parties agree to sexual activity it’s allowed”. I told him again he said he’d be honest it was because a girl he’d dated before me ruined him and he’s not very rich and he wasn’t right for me. I told him he was and well that girl was a bitch. So we text a lot and he says he still really likes me and I really like him. How do I get him back? Please help me Sean
    And also he had text me about how he got a massive boner thinking of me and over thinking of the person he has had the best sex with and it was me. I flirted with him but first I bugged him an said if I was with him right now I could… and didn’t finish… but every time I text him we flirt he flirts with me then I flirt back and he basically pushes me away. Does he like me or something? What do you think he thinks of me? Should I move on? Please help me or even email me to answer.

    • says

      Hi Jenny,

      Thank you for your comment but, this sounds like a tricky relationship question. I would love to be able to help you out, but the Bad Girl’s Bible focuses only on sex advice. I hope it works out for you.


  23. Is says

    I have this guy that I’m seeing… together or apart I am totally turned on. Sex is gr8 but… he cums fast when we do it raw because condoms r irritating to my vigina and when we upgraded to oral sex he wouldn’t get hard…. what can I do? Is there something wrong with me? HELP!!!!!!

    • says

      Hi Is,

      Sounds pretty normal to me. Your man may just have a little performance anxiety if he has trouble getting hard for you, that’s all. Just keep trying, WITHOUT putting pressure on him.


  24. Bailey says

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for roughly six years on & off. But, I’m still a virgin & don’t want to have sex with him yet. & he’s had sex once. I’ve always been scared to do sexual things with him because I was afraid I’d be bad at it, & I was afraid he’d leave me again. He’s always been eager to please me sexually, it makes me feel selfish.

    But we’re back together again, no fights, no anything. It’s the perfect relationship. So, I decided just recently to give him a blow job. I’ve been told by many of my past boyfriends that I’m pretty amazing at it. I even follow some of your steps. But I was trying to get him off for almost an hour & he just wouldn’t cum! I tried everything!
    It really lowered my self-esteem. He told me it was absolutely amazing & he loved it. But that he’s never been able to get off with a girl, Not even the one he had sex with.

    But I still feel bad. Is there anything wrong with me?

    • says

      Hi Bailey,

      Honestly, I think you are over thinking this. Yes, it’s true, some guys have trouble getting off with any girl. The reason is usually because they masturbate too often or with a grip that is very tight (this trains them to need a lot of pressure to get off, so much, that it’s almost impossible to replicate with a blowjob or sexual intercourse).

      Some girls are like this too. They have lots of trouble getting off when having sex with a guy. So there is absolutely no reason for you to feel bad as there is nothing wrong with you.


  25. Lulu says


    I want to thank you for this amazing website. Im in a relationship for almost a year now. I was never a jealous type of a girl. But lately it all changed. Im constantly worrying about him wanting other women. My confidence that used to be above clouds went spiralling down. I couldn’t stop over thinking everything. Our sex has always been good. But due to my recent feelings I decided to research ways to make him more satisfied. And I figured out I would get my confidence back.

    I think I took a right step and I hope your advice will help. Cant wait to try them all.

    Best regards!

  26. Brenda says

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for 9 years now and i really just want him to degrade me in bed. We normally have nice clean respectful sex. Whats the best way of telling him what i want without hurting his ego.

    • says

      Hi Brenda,
      Getting this right can be tricky. Most likely you won’t hurt his ego. What’s more important is communicating to your man in the right way. If you just come out and tell him all of sudden, it may come as a bit of a shock to him. So it’s better to slowly build up to exactly what you want. So one night, try talking to him about his kinks and turn ons. Then when he shares his, let him know that you’d find it hot if he told you what a bad girl you’ve been and how terrible you are, but only in the bedroom.

      Once he starts to act out these things, then make sure to praise, compliment and reward him for it. This will encourage him to keep doing it.

      Let me know how it goes,


  27. Ari says

    So boyfriend used to be with a dominatrix and now he’s all about dirty nasty talk, I am pretty shy and submissive but I know he’d like it if I talked dirtier to him, the “basic stuff” just isn’t cutting it, I need some examples of some pretty raunchy things to say to him! Please help

  28. Susan says

    Hi my name is Susan but I am a boy. I recently gave a blojob to a friend of mine but I couldnt get him to cum. What am I doing wrong. I am meeting him again soon so I got some ladies cloths hopefully to get him excited bu I still thing I will fail. can you help? Susan.

  29. Elaine Hammond says

    Hi Sean, I’ve been chatting to a guy, he contacted me in August 13, I went out with him 35 years ago, he works around the Pilbra WA.We are proff that sexting does work, We stay in contact by email ,phone calls and texting, thank for rekindling our relaintionship .

  30. Pearl says

    Hi Sean
    Since I have your tips my sex love with my man is getting exciting each time we doing it.Thanks ,still to get more .

    Kind regards

  31. atricia says

    hi sean !

    i’m married 2 years ago. my husband is my first love. and recently i felt that he had lost interest in me. in the past, we would have sex every few days or so. even when i’m pregnant that time. and now we only have sex once a month or so. even when i take the initiative to ask for sex he will reject me. he usually browse through those sex forum as well. does this shows that he is cheating outside or? how do you see this as? and most of your bad girl bible tips we have already used it before. do you have any suggestions/recommendations that you can give me? thank you in advance, sean !

    best regards,

    • says

      Hi Atricia,

      Sounds like a pretty serious situation. The best thing you can do with your man is to have a talk with him about it, to let him know how you’re feeling. The problem many couples face is that after the initial spark fades, so does the hot sex. The key is finding a way to reignite that spark and lust you both previously had.


      • atricia says

        hi sean !

        thank you for your advice given, i really appreciate it ! but i have tried to talk to him several times about it. but he wouldn’t pay much attention to what i had said or even though he did listen, he will not do anything about it as well. could you share with me some keys on how to reignite that spark and lust that will at least do a trick on me and my man? because i did tried my ways before but it doesnt seems to work as well.

        best regards,

        • says

          Hi Atricia,

          Keep trying new things, see what works and what doesn’t work. Then keep doing the things that work, forget about what doesn’t work all why tyring new things.


  32. Kay says

    Hi, I have been with my boyfriend for over 4 years now.. He says we are perfect in the sex department.. I want to spice things up in the bedroom but he says he doesnt want to try toys.. what else can I try besides different positions?

  33. atricia says

    hi sean !

    thank you so much for your reply and advice given ! (: will try out new ways with my man soon and see what works best ! (: but surely your blow job section is good ! *thumbs up*

    best regards,

  34. Hannah says

    Hey Sean,

    my boyfriend and me have been a couple for 2 years now. Do you have some tips for stripping for a man without making a fool of oneself? I’d really like to try, since undressing each other seems so boring over time.
    Thank you and regards,


  35. Lisa says

    My fiance and I have been together 2 years are having a baby in 4 months. He travels every month for work and I want to keep things going even while he’s away. I’ve done the whole dress in lingerie and a robe to the airport to get him and that has an amazing outcome but we Skype a lot and I’m looking more for something to keep him on the verge of meltdown while he is away! I want him to be so anxious to get done and get home that he can barely control himself. But I want the attraction not to be just to get laid because he’s so hot n bothered I want it to be that he wants me because I’ve got him so hot n bothered by the tension and sexual agony I’ve created the entire time he’s gone! What’s your thoughts on this??

  36. Gina says

    Hi Sean. I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years & engaged for a year. I am very freaky. But I don’t think I’m freaky enough. I’ve been cheated on a handful of times but haven’t recently except he had meetme on his phone. What can prevent from another mistake? Am I doing something wrong? I want to keep him satisfied & well pleased.

  37. Ashley Howard says

    Hey Sean,

    Me and my husband has been together almost 8 years and married almost 6 years…and we have two gorgeous daughters. They are 3 and 5…the problem is our sex is more less how should i say…bland…since we have had our girls and they’re getting older. So my question is how can I get him all worked up to where when we do have sex its mind blowing?

    Thanks in advance and best regards!


  38. Kendra says

    Been with my guy 6 yrs married for almost 2 yrs. 3 kids as well. Im more sexually aggressive then him and I think ive turned him off because of that. We have had lots of rough patches. What advice can you give me to help get the sexual tension back. Hes not dominate in the bedroom at all. Help please

    • says

      Hey Kendra,

      Building sexual tension takes time. Instead of initiating sex, do things that build up to sex but don’t actually initiate it. So do things like send him dirty text messages, touch him and let him know whats on your mind, but wait for him to take charge. The key though is TALKING. You need to have great communication in order to find out what really gets him going.


  39. Debra says

    Hi Sean,

    I have been with my partner 6 months now and we have a great sexual relationship. I want to ask him to call me names (sometimes), like ‘good girl’, ‘slut’ etc but I’m worried this will seem weird and he’ll think I have self esteem issues. How can I ask him to do this? Thank you.


    • says

      Hi Debra,

      Honestly, that sounds totally normal! It’s just a case of communicating it to your man effectively. You just need to tell him how hot you find it when he is vocal during sex, that you like hearing him talk dirty. If you are vague, then he will ask you questions like, “What kind of dirty talk?” or “what do you want me to say?”


  40. John says

    I am in a four year relationship, we have tried anal once and she said it hurt at first but she stared liking it but that its kind of gross. She was molested as a child and I am very cautious not to bring those memories back while in the bed room. She knows that I like blow jobs and anal and is willing to do what ever I want. And I want to make these things as pleasant for her as possible I also want to do some things just for her but all she ever says when I ask her is vaginal with me on top and doggy, but she is a practical nymph she wants sex 24/7. Is there some technique I can apply during sex that will help her to open up and tell me more of what she wants to have done to her?

    • says

      Hi John,

      It sounds like a very tricky and difficult situation. My advice whenever there has been any type of abuse is to talk to a medical professional first.


  41. Lilly N says

    Hi Sean,
    My sexual relationship with my bf of almost 2 is going great. We’re both sexually active, we’ve tried new sex positions and we make sure we both are satisfied after each sexual intercourse. Well I like to talk dirty to him, I also tell him that I love how he does it and how he makes me feel. The problem is that during sex he’s very quiet and I wish to change that and also get him to moan. I only rememeber him whispering dirty to me 3 times and it was because he was drunk. How can I get him to talk dirty or moan?

    • says

      The best thing to do is first to make sure you let him know how much you enjoy it. Then anytime he does talk dirty to you, make sure to compliment him and let him know how much you appreciate it. Finally, get him to start slowly with talking dirty. It can be daunting if he feels like he has to describe things to you in a very detailed way. So start with getting him to moan more. Then try to get him to use 1 or 2 word sentences and then keep ramping it up from there. Have fun!

  42. Yasmine says

    Hi Sean,
    Love your blog and all the useful tips!
    I love ‘sexting’ and have been doing so for a while, but we have taken it to a whole new level since I’ve discovered your site!
    Here’s a tip for anyone else who loves to send naughty messages to their man: send someecards! They have a whole collection of great, fun and dirty cards, I’ve collected a whole bunch on my phone and love sending them via WhatsApp! (And he LOVES receiving them!

  43. Elizabeth Fanning says

    Hi Sean,
    I’ve read a few of your articles now – I like reading ones that are written by men, rather than women who THINK they know what they are talking about.
    I’ve just got a question I was hoping you could help me out with.
    I’m figuring I can be open about our sexual relationship given the nature of the article and the above comments.
    I’ve recently started seeing a man who i’ve got in a long distance relationship with. We are apart for around six or seven weeks before seeing one another. We met overseas on a tour and this week he came to visit me. While overseas, we were involved sexually and I found it wasn’t too hard to bring him to his climax. However, when he was here at my house, I was really struggling to get him to that point – orally and during actual intercourse.
    He assures me that he still enjoys it, that i’m brilliant at oral and that i’m not doing anything wrong, but I don’t like feeling that he might be leaving the bedroom unsatisfied. I had a couple of theories….
    One was that maybe we were getting physical a little too often… while he was here we were probably having sex twice a day, while on tour it was more like once every few days. Do men sort of get ‘worn out’ after doing it too often?
    I also found it was quite hard to get him erect and then to keep him erect…. and trust me, i was doing everything in my power to help the situation.

    Do you have any advice or tips? I’d love to be able to bring him to climax using oral more often (i’ve only been able to do this once, and it was a lot of work and pressure – though I love doing it) . I want to be able to bring him to his climax a little more often, but there isn’t any way I could do that same oral technique each time because its just too much pressure on my mouth and body.

    Do you have any tips for those ladies out there, like me, who struggle getting their fellow hard and to the point of ejaculation no matter what they do (hand, mouth, intercourse) or how long they go for?
    This man has told me that he has always been VERY difficult to bring to a climax, and so i’m sure it isn’t me, but I also wouldn’t mind being the person that could get him to that point more often : )

    Thanks, and sorry for being so explicit for all those people out there who might not like it so much. Just wanting some proper advice.


    • says

      Hi Lara,

      It sounds like your man’s penis is a little bit desensitized. All you really need to do is get him to quit masturbating for 1-2 weeks and then he will be close to exploding the next time your are together.

  44. Nokomis says

    So I’ve been with my guy got about 2 years now and we have amazing sex…. but I feel like my sex talk sucks….we get pretty dirty, out of bed I’m practically a nun… Any tips?

  45. Nicole says

    Although I’m not a fan of some parts of your website, I absolutely understand that the mind of a man is different to a woman in how we express what we want! But the best part is, we actually want the same thing! Sex brings people together, creates a safe place to play and enjoy each other without inhibition and be pleasured and pleasurable! So, three cheers to hot bedrooms (and beyond!)

  46. ann alladem says

    hi, i just got married last October 04.. me and my husband had been together for 7yrs. And unfortunately, i found out that he had an affair with his colleague before we got married. they started on july,Im staying far from him and id been very busy with the wedding preparation. But now, i must admit, she had an impact with my husband when it comes to sex. He was just so different and I just wanna make him crazy for me again.. I wanna add spice to our relationship as husband and wife. maybe sex just gotten really boring between us thats why he cheated on me.Any suggestion how to make him crazy for me?

  47. J says

    I have never had sex with this guy that I’m with right now and we have been talking about doing it, so what would be the best things to text him while I’m not with him?

    • says

      Honestly, it’s hard for me to tell you the best thing to text him because I don’t know and understand your situation as well as you do. It could be something subtle or something overt, I just don’t know.

  48. Mariuxi says

    Hey Sean. So this is the situation, my boyfriend and I don’t live in the same city. He is going to live with me the next year… But for now, we can barely see each other. So is it good for us to have dirty talks? Or is it going to make him look for another woman to have sex with? Should I be afraid about that?

    • says

      Dirty talk can work great for keeping him thinking about you and amping up the sexual tension. And of course if you do that, he will want a release. Whether he does that himself (masturbation) or with someone else is usually entirely dependent on your man. If he is a loyal guy, then you don’t have to worry about it. If not, then it doesn’t matter whether you talk dirty or not, he will cheat. So don’t worry about talking dirty…just worry about what your man is prone to do anyway.

  49. sami says

    Hey Sean,
    I have been with my boyfriend now for four years, we have five kids and having alone time is kinda impossible. Between both of us working and being mom and dad there ist much time left for us, what can I do to make him want to make time to spend with me instead of falling asleep on the couch. Please help I’m about at my wits end here. Thanks

    • says


      First you need to talk to him so that he knows how you’re feeling, then you need to start planning a few hours here and there where you both have alone time. Get the kids to do a sleepover, spend a night in a hotel, hire a babysitter.

  50. Kristyn says

    Hi I was just wondering if you could tell me what I could do about my boyfriend of a year. I feel like he rather watch porn rather then have sex. I’m twenty eight and he is thirty five. I only had threee partner’s my whole life

  51. Vanessa says

    Hey Sean ,
    I just recently started to give my bf blowjobs and I feel embarrassed sometimes because I have such a delicate gag reflex and if it goes anywhere near the back of my throat I feel as if I’m about to throw up, not because it grosses me out but because I start gagging so quickly and I don’t know what to do because I really want to give him an amazing blow job , I tried holding and object near the back of my throat but it still makes me gag! I’m not sure what to do, please help!!!!

  52. Debbie says

    I met this guy on a dating site about 6 months ago. Everytime we made plans to meet it seems as work for one of us caused us to cancel. Talking late one night we both decided that we really wanted to meet so we did. We sis have sex that night. I do but I don’t regret it, it was the best sex I’ve ever had in my whole life, and yes I’m over 50! We have had sex a few times a month since. The thing is I’m very attracted to him and I want more of a relationship with him other than the ” friends with benefits” . He says he likes me to but he’s made no attempt to commit. He leads a very busy life with work and his children which I understand that he has responsibilities. He recently stated that he really likes fucking me, we have great sex together, and we make it fun so it’s filled with pleasure experimenting a lot. What can I do to get him to commit to me? Should I stop seeing him and stop the great sex we have found with each other? Please help!

  53. Tamika says

    Hi Sean, I’m writing to say that I have been married for 6yrs. I love my husband but he is not the most sexual person. But I’m the super freak. I know my sex is great but he is so not the type to tell me in do many words, to me he is boring in bed. But I love him, and I the sex is fun cause of me. How do I get him more into it, he is trying to be so hard when I know he wants to scream sometimes. I don’t know how to make him be more adventurous in bed. Anything would be great. Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Tamika, it sounds like you should just talk to him. When you do, you might find that he opens up and shares some kinks and fetishes that you love yourself. Communication is key here.

  54. Andrew says

    Hi Sean, I was just wondering how can I let the guy I’m dating know that I want to have sex with him without being too risky. Thanks

    • says

      Honestly, just start at the start. So start with flirting and see if he reciprocates. If that goes well, progress to getting a bit more touchy with him. And if he seems to enjoy this, then maybe you should try kissing him when you’re both alone and just take it from there.

  55. Alejandra says

    Hi. I’ve been with this guy for about four months. We never meant to have something serious but now we are in a relationship. We had sex on our first date but now I feel like it’s always the same. I love giving blow jobs (I watched you’re video about them and I actually already use all of those techniques) but every time I try to go down on him he won’t let me! He just grabs me, gets on top and we just have the same sex. Also, I have already let him know that I’d like him to give me oral sex but he’s done it like twice and not for very long, just like 3 minutes and then sex. We both like pregame but I’d love to get him into oral sex! How can I do this?

  56. emma says

    Hello Sean! For the past 7 months my husband of 6 years my husband has been going out with his buddies almost every weekend. We recently had a talk and he says we have lost chemistry but i dont think so and this is why… i started sending him dirty messages telling him i love him but even phone sex and it seems it worked but i still feel he prefers going out with his buddies than be with me. Is there something else i should be doing or could i be doing something wrong? In desperate need of help

    • says

      Wow, sounds like a difficult situation that you understand better than I do. It would be best to have a frank and honest discussion with your husband about how you’re feeling

  57. Kelly says

    Hi Sean. I really love my man and he is great in bed. I give him blow jobs and he goes down on me to. He appreciates my blow jobs but I really want to give him a thrilling blow job that will make him cum so hard and scream very loud. I really can’t get a detailed explanation on how to do that. Can you help me or any one who is aware

  58. Hayley says

    Hey,I am in a 5 year relationship and it is kinda boring he keeps every thing the same and I need a way to spice things up a little ty😃

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