8 Wild & Hot Dirty Talk Examples To Turn Him On!

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Use these dirty talk examples on your man to keep your relationship hot and fun!

When you are learning how to talk dirty to your man, the easiest way to learn is by using dirty talk examples and judging your man’s reaction to see if he likes it. Throughout this article I will give you different dirty talk phrases and examples that you can use to arouse your man and turn him on as well as make him more attracted to you. More importantly, I will also explain to you why these phrases work so that you are able to make your own.

A Word Of Warning

Quick Note: If you want to learn my most powerful dirty talking phrases, tips & techniques, then you will learn a lot from this dirty talking tutorial video. Enjoy!

But before I give you the different examples and phrases, there is one important point that I would like to clarify, to make sure that you fully understand that talking dirty to your man does not always have to be super-sexual or make you sound like you are a pornstar. Often girls think that talking dirty is the same as ‘talking sexual’ or ‘talking nasty’. It’s not

Different girls talk dirty for different reasons, but here are the main reasons for talking dirty:

  • To arouse your man and turn him on
  • To keep him thinking about you
  • To make your relationship & sex life more fun and exciting

Maybe you have different reasons for talking dirty, but I have a feeling that the main reasons that you want to talk dirty to your man is for one or a combination of the 3 above. You’ll notice that not one of the 3 reasons above mentions being overly sexual with your man. So please keep this in mind.

It’s far more powerful to use dirty talk to keep your man constantly thinking about you instead of using it to momentarily turn him on or arouse him.

Okay so now that I have got the boring (but important) stuff out of the way. It’s time to learn some fun dirty talk examples…

Dirty Talk Examples To Turn Him On & Arouse Him

When you are both alone, you can instantly turn your man on if you use the right phrase. Below are some of my tamer examples that you can use on your man to arouse him.

I feel so small in your arms.

I don’t think I could ever get bored of having sex with you.

I love how your dick feels in my hands!

The reason that these examples will turn your man on is quite simple…they massage his ego. All men have egos. And as a consequence, they like to think that they can make girls weak at the knees. These dirty lines (while not actually that sexual) play up to this. If you can massage your man’s ego, in a way that is not fake or phony, then your man is going to want to spend more time with you.

Dirty Talk Examples To Keep Him Thinking About You

Using the dirty talk examples above is great for arousing your man in the moment (as I explain in the article on how to talk dirty to your man), but you are going to need something else if you want to keep him thinking about you. To keep your man thinking about you is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is be slightly indirect with your dirty talk so that your man will be wondering about what you mean exactly (In other words: he will keep thinking about you). Here are some examples of the dirty talk I am mean below.

There’s a few things that I really like about you, I hope you never stop doing them.

I’ve got something I want to try on you later….I think you’ll like it!

Remember: the key to using these dirty talk phrases is to be indirect, so that your man keeps wondering and thinking about what you mean.

Your man may ask you to elaborate on what you mean when you say these kinds of phrases to him. The key is to not elaborate on them! Just smile and change the subject or say, “You think too much!” This will send his mind into overdrive!

Sexual Dirty Talk Examples To Arouse Your Man

Even though I have said that you don’t need to be too sexual to turn your man on and arouse him, it can still work really well.


Before you do start using very sexual dirty talk, you should first use some of the less sexual examples that I mentioned at the beginning of the article to make sure that your man is comfortable with it. Once you are sure that he is comfortable with your dirty talk, it’s time to ramp it up a good bit…try these:

I wish we could just fuck forever.

Dominate me like slut!

I love feeling your big, hard cock inside me.

Remember: Only use these examples if your man is already really comfortable with you talking dirty. Otherwise you might freak him out. If he does already enjoy talking dirty with you, then it’s very likely that he’s going to really enjoy it.

If you enjoyed these dirty talking examples, but would like to learn more about how to talk dirty to your man to turn him on, build sexual tension and keep him attracted to you, then you should take a look at this dirty talking instructional video where I teach you exactly how to use dirty talk to maximum effect. Click here to check it out now.

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  1. I really don't need you to tell me this! says

    In my experience, and trust me because I’ve done the leg work,
    men NEVER need help ‘staying up’ or ever need any form of ‘encouragement’ at least not the ones I have ever come across. not that I am a ‘sexual goddess’ or anything, but normally men are so overwhelmingly satisfied by the whole experience of sex that in fact, I am always the one that wants more…

    surely there should be more sites dedicated to making men less shit in bed then suggesting that women should try and ‘dirty talk’ to pleasure… seriously, ‘Dominate me like slut!’ is never a word I will ever utter… and as for ‘I love feeling your big, hard cock inside me.’ I’ve used this about 4 times simply to fill the awkward-sex-gap between foreplay and thrusting… it’s not dirty talk it’s more like filler conversation just so that he doesn’t feel awkward trying to find the right hole!

    Just a thought…. surely we should have a site called ‘try not to be so shit in bed men’ or something like that…? just a thought…

    • tracy says

      Thank you for your response to this. As a guy, I’ve never had any woman day things quite that. ..raunchy? I have dated some rather wild girls in the past & they would ever imply or say they were a slut! All of the girls I’ve dated or just hooked up with all wanted the same thing. Tenderness, compassion, non confrontational sex. Of course when things get heated, we may be much more vigorous physically but, still, love making & pleasurable.
      People should go on line & read the confessions of a porn preforner. It will open your eyes to the reality of porn & real life sex.
      Speak up girls so we, men know the real truth.

  2. Brittany says

    I love this article… finally, someone who doesn’t think it’s odd that girls can talk dirty to their man…. i love telling him to fuck me like a slut or talking about his dick. I never thought of teasing him though, telling him that I want to fuck him at a time when we are around a bunch of people and we can’t just go have sex right then and there. LOVE IT!!!

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