Coital Alignment Technique Sex Position

The Coital Alignment Technique sex positions is great if you like clitoral stimulation. To perform it with your man, you need to lie on your back with your legs open while your man is on top of you, just like in the regular missionary position.

But instead of thrusting deeply in and out, your man needs to move his body forward over your body. This will change the angle that your man’s penis enters you. It will now be pointing downwards and will be in greater contact with the lower wall of your vagina (the opposite side to your G-Spot). When you man is this position, his pubic bone (and sometimes the lower section of his penis) will more easily come into contact with your clitoris.

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The Coital Alignment Technique is similar to the Missionary position, except that it’s more of a grinding motion instead of thrusting in & out like you do when performing Missionary.


What The Girl Does In The Coital Alignment Technique Position

When you are in the CAT position, you’ll find that you will get much, much more out of it if you actively participate, rather than letting your man do all the work. The main thing you should focus on is keeping your clitoris in close contact with both your man’s pubic bone and the lower part of his penis, to keep it stimulated as he thrusts up and down. A great way to maintain contact is to wrap your legs around the back of your man’s legs and pull yourself into him.

You’ll find that you get more out of the Coital Alignment Technique if you get into a nice rhythm with your man, where you rock backwards and forwards as he thrusts up and down.

What The Guy Does In The Coital Alignment Technique Position

Your guy is going to be thrusting vertically upwards and downwards (directly towards the mattres) when performing the Coital Alignment Technique position. This is completely the opposite to missionary position, when your man is thrusting in and out in a mostly horizontal position.

When performing the CAT with you, he won’t be thrusting that deeply, as part of his penis will be outside your vagina. Instead, he needs to focus on staying in contact with your clit almost the entire time and getting into a rhythm where you are both rocking back and forth while he is only performing small thrusts each time he rocks back and forth.

coital alignment technique, cat, sex position, bad girls bible

The Coital Alignment Technique can be really intimate. Try looking deep into your man’s eyes and rubbing his arms/back while he is penetrating you.


Things To Consider When Performing The Coital Alignment Technique Sex Position

Many of my students have performed the CAT sex position with their partners. They have reported varying levels of success, some say it feels wonderful while others get little enjoyment out of it. They have filled me in on a few interesting points:

  • The Coital Alignment Technique can feel great for you, but often your man may not get much out of it.
  • If you prefer clitoral stimulation during sex, then you will love the CAT sex position as your man will be in continuous contact with your clit.
  • If your man has a very short penis, then he may have a tough time performing the Coital Alignment Technique properly without constantly slipping out.
  • You may find the CAT frustrating and may not initially get anything out of it, but before giving up on it, play around with slightly different positions to see if they are more pleasurable for you. Try putting a pillow or cushion under your hips. Try getting your man to arch his back. Try rocking in a more circular motion instead of just up and down.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Coital Alignment Technique Position

I initially did not enjoy the Coital Alignment Technique position that much. A lot of other guys that I talked to felt the same way (but not all of them). Luckily for me, I eventually discovered a variation of it that I and a lot of other guys really enjoy…

Instead of keeping your legs open when your man is on top of you, put them together and keep them straight. It’s easiest to do this if your man is already inside you first. Your man then puts his legs outside yours and you proceed with sex as you normally would with the Coital Alignment Technique. Putting your legs together will make your vagina feel far tighter for your man, meaning more stimulation and a tighter feel for him, while it still feels very similar to regular CAT for you.

Additional Tips From Readers

[credit: idhavetocharge] “A tip of my own to add to your site if you wish. Under ‘coital alignment’ place a pillow under her rear, but not directly under her hips. Have her drop her knees farther toward the bed ( straightening her legs and keeping everyones knees closer together) this allows for plenty of contact while changing the angle of penetration to a more horizontial plane. ( a thick enough pillow and he will be hitting her gspot) Also if he lowers his upper body towards hers this works much better.”

[credit: _neon_reflected]  “Oh… this is NICE! My wife and I use coital alignment, and we find that grabbing the slats of the headboard or pushing with my feet on the foot board of our bed instead of thrusting with my hips gives me a consistent ‘aim’ when I’m at the right spot. To get a slight touch deeper, we’ll combine hip thrusts with me pulling myself further in at the headboard.

We DID break our first bed this way, then we found a very sturdy handcrafted 4 poster bed with slatted headboard exactly for this….”

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