Superwoman Sex Position

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The Superwoman position may sound like one of those positions where you literally need to be like ‘Superwoman’ and do a lot of work. Luckily this is not the case at all, your man will be doing most of the work. In some ways the Superwoman is quite like the Life Raft position.

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Performing the Superwoman position on a sofa can be a little awkward if it’s not big enough, as you can see in the picture above.

To perform the Superwoman, you need to lie down on your bed on your belly, with you arms resting on the bed, stretched out in front of you. While your stomach should be on the bed, your waist will be at the edge with your legs hanging over the side. Your man will then then enter you while standing from behind and will start thrusting in and out.

What The Girl Does In The Superwoman Position

When you are in the Superwoman position, you’ll find that it’s difficult to do anything at all as you are lying down on your stomach and your legs will either be in the air, being held by your man or lightly touching the ground. If you want, you can use your arms to gently push yourself back onto your man as he is penetrating you.

You can also try raising your waist slightly to change the angle that your man is penetrating you at. To keep it raised, try putting a pillow under it.

What The Guy Does In The Superwoman Position

Your man will be doing the lions share of the work in the Superwoman position. Obviously he is going to be thrusting in and out. He can do this by just using his hips or he can make it more of a full-body movement. To thrust with a bit more force, he can grab hold of your legs and lift them off the ground or he can grab you by putting his hands around your waist.

But he can also lean forward and rest his hands on your back or grab your shoulders with them to pull you into him. He can even lightly grab your hair (or strongly if you want).

superwoman, sexual position, bad girls bible

Performing the Superwoman position on a table will give you a lot more space.

Things To Consider When Performing The Superwoman Position

A good few students of the Bad Girl’s Bible have tried out the Superwoman with their man and have given lots of feedback on it:

  • The Superwoman is just as good for those of you who enjoy anal sex as it is for those who like regular vaginal sex.
  • If your man grabs you by your legs, then he may hurt your skin if he grabs you too hard (it feels like he is stretching your skin). Make sure that he knows to be gentle with you.
  • Try playing around with different angles from both you and your man, until you find something that feels perfect for both of you.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Superwoman Sex Position

I personally consider the Superwoman to be a ‘middle-of-the-road’ sex position. It’s ok, but doesn’t feel fantastic. I feel that you should definitely try it out with your partner, but don’t except it to be as mind blowing as other positions.

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