The Amazon sex position is a woman on top position that a lot of people have never actually heard of. But it’s really fun and definitely worth trying, especially if you like to take on a slightly dominant role in the bedroom.

To do the Amazon, your man needs to lie down on his back and bring his legs upwards and bend his knees. You then need to squat down on your man, while he pulls his legs close to his chest so that they are out of your way. You then just need to squat up and down to allow him to penetrate you. You will find that your man will naturally push you back upwards with his thighs.

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You may find getting into this position to be a little difficult at first, but it’s well worth it if you like being on top.
When performing this position, you need to be careful not to accidentally hurt your man’s penis as it will be bending backwards quite a lot.

What The Girl Does In The Amazon Position

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When you are performing the Amazon with your man, your first priority is getting into position without hurting your man and making sure that you are comfortable. You may find that leaning on your man’s thighs helps to take the pressure off your legs a little bit.

I recommend that you first get into postion above your man, before taking his penis into your vagina. When are in position, slowly pull it backwards and then slip it inside. With the first few strokes, make sure that you are very gentle and careful so as not to hurt your man. Make sure to ask him how it feels and go from there.

What The Guy Does In The Amazon Position

When your man is in the Amazon position, he will not be doing a whole lot. He needs to have a small amount of flexibility so that he can actually hold his legs into his chest and out of your way. He can use his thighs to very gently help to nudge you up and down on his penis.

amazon, sexual position, bad girls bible
If your man is not that flexible, it can feel like he is trying to push you off him.

Variations Of The Amazon

There are a number of variations of the Amazon that you can perform if you find that the the regular Amazon is too difficult or awkward to perform.

Kneeling Amazon – Instead of squatting over your man, try kneeling to take the pressure off your legs. The only problem with kneeling is that you may find yourself constantly slipping down the back of your man’s thighs which will further bend his penis backwards.

Reverse Amazon – Performing the Amazon in reverse (by having your back to your man), you may find it to be much, much easier. You will be sort of sitting on your man’s thighs while bouncing up and down on him.

Things To Consider When Performing The Amazon Position

Having gotten some feedback from students who have tried the Amazon with their man, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to make sure you always get a lot of pleasure out of this position:

  • The more you lean over your man (in the regular Amazon position), the less pressure you will be putting on his suspensory ligaments in his penis (the less strained his penis will be).
  • The Reverse Amazon is much easier to perform with your man, without feeling like his thighs are constantly pushing you off.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Amazon Sex Position

The Amazon position is a slightly more exotic position to perform with your partner. If you like taking on a dominant role, where you have most of the control, then you have got to try it. I personally prefer the reverse Amazon because there is far less strain on my penis.

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