See Saw Sex Position

The See Saw sex position a really fun, but quickly tiring sex position. There are no positions really similar to it, making it quite unique. It also makes a great change from something like Doggy Style or regular Missionary position.

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Performing the See Saw is great if you like making intense eye contact with your man during sex.

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To get into the See Saw position with your guy, start by having him sit down on the bed. You then need to sit onto his lap while facing him. Next spread your legs out wide so that you are comfortable. You now need to lean backwards and put your arms either on his shoulders or behind you. This position allows you to either move up and down on his penis or grind forwards and backwards on him all while facing your man.

What The Girl Does In The See Saw Position

When in the See Saw, you can pump your legs to move up and down on your man’s cock. But this will tire you out quickly, your other option is to grind forwards and backwards with his penis inside you. To grind forwards and backwards, you can use your hips together with using your arms placed on his shoulders or wrapped around the back of his neck.

While you will spend most of your time leaning backwards in the See Saw position, don’t forget to lean forwards and hold him close to make it more intimate for both of you.

What The Guy Does In The See Saw Position

When in the See Saw position, your man won’t physically be able to thrust into you. He can help to lift you up and down on him by putting his arms under your thighs instead of behind him, but like your legs, his arms will get tired of this quite quickly. If he is not lifting you up and down then he can use them to help you grind on him by pushing you forwards and backwards.

Besides the actual sexual intercourse element of the See Saw, your man can also easily make eye contact with you during it.

If he finds it to be a bit of a strain on his back, then your man can try leaning backwards a bit or evening putting pillows under his lower back to offer some support.

Things To Consider When Performing The See Saw Position

The See Saw is not hard to perform and it feels good, especially for those who like to ‘grind’. Many students of the Bad Girl’s Bible have tried it and have given some great feedback on it:

  • Don’t feel like you have to perform the See Saw perfectly, doing a variation of it is perfectly fine (like being on your knees instead of sitting down into his lap).
  • Don’t be afraid to lean right back (just make sure you don’t overstrain your man’s penis!). You can lean all the way back until you are pretty much lying on your back on the bed which will make it look like you are performing the Seat with him.

Sean’s Thoughts On The See Saw Sex Position

I like the See Saw. It’s easy to do (provided your man doesn’t have a bad back) and it’s quite different from a lot of other positions, making it great for when I want to spice things up a bit.

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