You may find that the Bridge sex position falls more into the category of Sexercise or even a novelty sex position than super-pleasurable sex. This is because it’s quite strenuous for you to perform for more than a minute or 2.

To perform the Bridge, you need to get into the ‘crab’ position that is used in gymnastics. This means that you will be on all fours, except that your back will be facing the ground/bed. Your man now needs to get onto his knees between your legs while facing you. He then enters you and puts his hand on your thighs to help pull you towards him with each thrust.

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As you can see, the Bridge position is quite strenuous. But it is a really fun position to try at least once.

Just keeping yourself elevated in this position is very tiring. 

What The Girl Does In The Bridge Position

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When in the Bridge position, you will unfortunately be spending most of your time trying to keep your balance, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to enjoy yourself.

If you are strong enough, then you can slowly thrust against your man as he enters you, but other than that you should concentrate on positioning your hands and feet in the most comfortable positions you can find.

What The Guy Does In The Bridge Position

Your man firstly needs to understand how uncomfortable the Bridge can be for you. When he starts having sex with you, he needs to go slowly so as not to hurt you, knock you off balance or put excessive strain on your shoulders.

He should gently thrust in and out. Then once you are both comfortable, he can grab your waist or thighs and start pulling you in towards him with each thrust. Instead of thrusting in an out, your man can pull you in towards him quite firmly and then grind his pubic bone up and down your clit and clitoral hood. Your man will be then in a position where he can also massage and rub your breasts with his hands while performing the Bridge.

Things To Consider When Performing The Bridge Position

I have been able to get a little feedback from a few students that have tried the Bridge position with their partners, here is what they have had to said:

  • This is a very tiring position for your arms and shoulders. Even 30 seconds is too much for some.
  • One of the great things about the Bridge is the feeling of being exposed and feeling quite vulnerable, especially if you arch your back.
  • Resting on your elbows instead of your hands will allow you to perform it for much longer.
  • Most people only tried the Bridge once or twice and then forgot about it. It was too much work for only a small amount of pleasure.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Bridge Sex Position

So it seems that most people are not fans of the Bridge at all. But don’t disregard it completely. Even though it is somewhere between a novelty position and Sexercise position, it’s still a great position to use with your man just for the sake of keeping things fun and interesting in the bedroom.

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