Jellyfish Sex Position

The Jellyfish position is quite difficult to perform. You and your man both need to have a little bit of strength and good balance to do it for any length of time. But it does feel very intimate which can make it totally worth it in the end.

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The Jellyfish is quite a difficult position to perform. But it is great to try if you find yourself getting bored of all the other sex positions.

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Your man starts by kneeling in the middle of the bed, with his butt resting on his calves/ankles while keeping his upper body straight and upright. You then need to straddle him and squat down on him so that he enters you. You both then need to wrap your arms around each other. Neither of you will be thrusting that much. When performing the Jellyfish, you will spend most of your time doing a grinding motion, back and forth onto each other.

What The Girl Does In The Jellyfish Position

As you are squatting over your man, you’ll find that you have most of the control over how deep and fast your man enters you. If you like, you can squat up and down on your man. But you’ll find that this gets tiring pretty fast and feels more like Sexercise.

As you are holding each other tightly, you are in the perfect position to kiss his neck and ears, but you’ll find keeping your balance while kissing him on the lips to be a lot more difficult.

What The Guy Does In The Jellyfish Position

As you are on top of your man and he will be on his knees, he will find it really tough to do anything at all when doing the Jellyfish with you. He can put his arms around you too and kiss you on the neck and ears as well, but mostly your man is just going to be focusing on helping you to keep your balance.

Things To Consider When Performing The Jellyfish Position

Having gotten some feedback from students who have tried the Jellyfish with their man, there are a few interesting things I have found when it comes to the Jellyfish:

  • It’s a position that’s really hard to do for a long time. If you are interested in doing a workout while having sex with your man (Sexercise) then it’s great, but if you want to really enjoy yourself with your man and don’t want to worry about getting cramps, try a different sex position.
  • A good thing about the Jellyfish position is that you are close to your man, which at least makes it intimate.
  • Most people don’t enjoy this position at all.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Jellyfish Sex Position

I decided to include the Jellyfish in the Bad Girl’s Bible list of sex positions to make it complete. But that doesn’t necessarily make it a great sex position. I find that the Jellyfish is far too tiring and awkward to perform while at the same time not providing that much pleasure. It’s definitely worth trying once to keep your sex life fun and interesting, but you are better off trying one of the many other positions detailed on the Bad Girl’s Bible.

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