The Back Seat Driver Sex Position

The Back Seat Driver sex position is great for couples who get bored of only having sex while one or both of them is lying on the bed.

When you are having sex in the Back Seat Driver position, your man will be sitting on a the edge of a chair or a sofa or even the bed with his legs spread wide and his feet on the floor. You then need to back up onto your man’s crotch and let him slowly slide his penis inside you while bending your knees.

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The Back Seat Driver is a slight variation on the Lap Dance position.

When he is comfortably inside you, use your legs to bounce up and down him. Both you and your man will be facing in the same direction for the Back Seat Driver.

What The Girl Does In The Back Seat Driver Position

When you are in the Back Seat Driver lovemaking position, you will be doing most of the work, bouncing up and down on your man. If you are not used to this position or not that fit, then you may find that you’re legs start to get tired quite quickly. By leaning forwards or backwards, you can change the angle that your man is penetrating you at.

You can put your hands on your man’s thighs and use your arms to help push yourself up with each stroke if your legs are starting to get tired from doing all the work.

What The Guy Does In The Back Seat Driver Position

Your man can do literally no work at all in the Back Seat Driver position. He can almost stay still, but that’s no fun. For faster and more powerful penetration, he can put his hands around your hips and pull you down with each stroke. Or you can lean forwards and your man can put his arms over your back and grab hold of your shoulders and pull you in towards him with each stroke. If your man is strong enough, he can put his hands under your bum and give your some assistance lifting you up and down.

He can also put his hands around your waist and can rub your clit. If you are having anal sex in the Back Seat Driver position, then your man can finger you while you are bouncing up and down on his penis.

Things To Consider When Performing The Back Seat Driver Sex Position

Many students have tried the Back Seat Driver position with their men. They have given me some interesting insights into it:

  • As I have already said, you can get tired very quickly if you are not very fit or haven’t tried the Back Seat Driver before.
  • For those who like anal sex, this is a great position, because both you and your man can still easily stimulate your vagina and clit.
  • In this position, you are the one in control, so if that’s something that you don’t like, then you may not enjoy this position that much
  • The Back Seat Driver position is a great change for couples who usually just have sex when lying down or in bed. You can use the Back Seat Driver practically anywhere in your house, in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Back Seat Driver Position

Here’s something that I highly recommend that you try with your man sometime, he will love it:

If you want to make a sex session all about him, then the Back Seat Driver is perfect. You can start by sitting him down on a chair and then performing a striptease for him. When you are finished giving him a striptease, you can then start to give him a blowjob for a few minutes before having sex in the Back Seat Driver position with him. You could even take it a little further and tie him to the chair first!

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  1. BrittanyHull says

    My man loves this position, but it’s difficult for me to keep going…if a girl alternates it with a blowjob, she can have a little rest every few minutes. It’s great for a loooong night of sex, when you want to tease your man to distraction!!!

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