Cowboy Sex Position

The cowboy position sounds very similar to the cowgirl position. That’s because it is. Except that the cowboy position is the exact opposite to the cowgirl position. When performing the cowboy position, the man is on top and you are lying down on your back.

All you really need to do is lie there with both of your legs together. Your man then straddles you so that his legs are either side of you and his bum is sitting on your legs. Your man will need to bring his penis down to enter you. To help him initially penetrate you, you can raise your hips. Depending on what’s most comfortable and provides the most stimulation for both of you, your man can then adjust himself either forwards or backwards.

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The great thing about the Cowboy sex position is that it can offer a tighter feel for your man.

What The Girl Does In The Cowboy Position

When you are in the cowboy position, you don’t need to do much at all. You just need to lie back and enjoy the ride! Your man may find it quite difficult to first enter you. If he does, then all you need to do is to spread your legs (which can be quite hard with your man straddling you). You can also try lifting your hips upwards to bring your vagina closer to his penis. It’s best to allow your man to push his penis downwards to enter you. If you pull it downwards yourself, you have to be careful not to pull too hard in case you accidentally hurt him.

What The Guy Does In The Cowboy Position

Your man will be doing almost all of the work in the cowboy position. He will be doing all the thrusting. He can change the angle of entry by leaning either forwards or backwards while on top (and bringing his hips either forwards or backwards).

Make sure to let him know what position feels best.

When your man is in the cowboy position, he can, if positioned correctly provide quite a lot of stimulation to your clitoral hood and slightly above it with his pubic bone.

cowboy sex position, bad girls bible

You can use your hands to help control deep and fast your man penetrates you in the Cowboy position.

Things To Consider When Performing The Cowboy Sex Position

Here are a few things that I have learned from student feedback from those who have tried the cowboy:

  • Your man needs a bit of ‘penis flexibility’ to do the cowboy. This is because of the angles involved. Your man will have his penis strained downwards while penetrating you, unless he is leaning right over you.
  • The cowboy is great if you like shallow penetration (or if your man is well hung). This is because of the angles involved.
  • Because your legs are together, this position will feel a little tighter than the regular missionary position.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Cowboy Position

As a guy, I personally really like the cowboy position. When I am leaning right over my partner, it feels almost as intimate as when I’m in the missionary position. The one thing that I don’t like about it though is getting into the cowboy position during sex. It can be awkward and although I’ve never hurt myself at all doing it, it does put a little strain on the suspensory ligaments in your penis.
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