Don’t Wait For Him: How to Talk to a Guy You Like!

Beautiful Latin college student flirting and talking to a guy she likes at school

Sometimes knowing how to talk to a guy you like can be difficult. You're probably feeling nervous, excited and even a little awkward. First, relax a little. Take a deep breath and calm down. When people are nervous, they tend to ramble, and you don't want to do that when you talk to a guy. He'll quickly lose interest if you're blabbering on, not paying attention to him and not letting him … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Boobs Bigger for the Perfect Figure!

Young woman bench pressing with dumbbells in the gym, working triceps and chest

Any girl who read the Judy Blume book, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret., remembers the breast exercise designed to make your boobs bigger. It was chanted to the cheer, "I must, I must, I must increase my bust." Judy Blume admits on HuffPost Live, however, that this particular exercise doesn't work. But she did tap into the belief of preteen girls that it's desirable to have big boobs. … [Read more...]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a Clit Piercing

Many jewelry for the piercing

Do you know someone who raves about her clitoral piercing? Has a character on one of your favorite TV shows had this done? Or do you simply wonder why someone might? There are a lot of things to know about clit piercings before you choose to get one, and you should make yourself aware of the healing process to minimize pain and scar tissue. Fortunately, we've got the answers to all your … [Read more...]

13 Things That Might Happen During Drunk Sex

A glass of white wine - sexy womens legs in the background

Drunk sex. Have you had it? Is it something that you'd be willing to try? Perhaps the drunken you would say "Yes" even if sober you isn't so sure. In fact, many people have had drunk sex. Sometimes it's with strangers, or it may happen with a friends or even your significant other. Drunk sex can certainly be fun or help you to get back on the horse as the saying goes...If you try it, then … [Read more...]

12 Pitfalls of Casual Sex + Why You Should Do It Anyway

Young caucasian couple in love at twilight light

At Bad Girl's Bible, we're all about having the best sex you can and improving your life through that sex. So it should come as no surprise that we're not strangers or opponents of the one-night stand. But we're also familiar with the realities of casual sex, some of which may have stopped you from having casual sex in the past! The good news is that a few precautions and a level head can … [Read more...]

8 Get to Know You Questions to Determine Dating Potential

Couple in the living room with question marks in front of their faces

Ready for a relationship? You need to get to know a guy first before you consider taking that step. It's easy to get to know someone if you know the right questions to ask. The difficult part is knowing what the questions are - and which questions to avoid. But no worries! We've put together eight getting to know you questions to help you out. Some questions you ask are great for getting … [Read more...]

11 Topics to Talk About on First Dates to Avoid Awkwardness

Young happy couple talking together outdoor - sitting on grass

No one likes those awkward silences during a dinner date or a late-night phone call. If that's happened to you one too many times, we have a solution: Have some prearranged topics up your sleeve whenever you feel the conversation start to wane. Having a few prearranged topics to talk about with a guy can help immensely if you're nervous or unsure of what to say to him in the moment. Here … [Read more...]

9 Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Show Your Love

To be fair, it's usually the man in the relationship who needs reminding about saying sweet things every once in a while. However, it's easy for anyone to fall into the habit of taking their partner for granted. More on that here. Saying "I love you" and complimenting your boyfriend more often are good starts, but sometimes sweet things to say require a little more thought. Here are some … [Read more...]

Does Anal Hurt and 9 Other Burning Questions Answered!

Hispanic woman laying in bed and covering her mouth to avoid coughing or womiting

When done right, anal sex shouldn't hurt. It may not be pleasurable, which is just fine, but it shouldn't cause you discomfort or pain. Many people will tell you that pain is your body's way of sending you a signal, and it's no different with anal sex. Your technique or the actions of your partner might need to be adapter to allow you to experience pleasure during anal sex. Below you'll … [Read more...]

25 Rules to Keep Casual Dating Fun and Honest

Young couple drinking coffee outside

For some people, the idea of a casual relationships seems like an oxymoron. After all, casual implies there's nothing - or not much - to lose, and dating is the process through which we meet "The One." If you're the type of person who feels this way, you're not alone. But there are other perspectives to consider, too. For example, casual dating allows you to get to know more people and to … [Read more...]