Ready to Lose Your Virginity? Read This First!

Garter on the leg of a bride

Virginity is a heated topic, and everyone seems to have an opinion on it. Movies like 40 Year-Old Virgin teach you that it's wrong to still be a virgin when you're an adult. Perhaps your culture or religion shuns losing your virginity before marriage. Maybe virginity doesn't mean much to you at all, but a large portion of the world doesn't accept that. You may have heard horror stories from … [Read more...]

6 Truths About Sex In a Pool + Advice to Make It Work!

Attractive couple on poolside

If you're of a certain age, you might remember a scintillating, albeit not critically-acclaimed movie called Showgirls, which starred Elizabeth Berkley as an aspiring dancer. You probably remember the pool scene, if you've ever watched the movie. Let us refresh your memory. In her race to become a starlet, Berkley's character, Nomi, becomes entangled with a variety of characters, including … [Read more...]

From Silent to Engaging: How to Keep a Conversation Going

Young couple  taking  with tablet in restaurant

There's nothing worse than awkward silences when you're out with a guy that you're totally into. You don't want to just sit there and endure the awkwardness, but you also probably don't want to yammer nervously about something totally random just to fill the silence. When you're with someone new, it's totally normal to experience lulls in the conversation. After all, you just met each … [Read more...]

Finally! The Reason Why Sex Feels So Good!

feeling good during sex

You probably already know that sex feels great! Sex is exciting, fun and a terrific stress reliever. But do you know why sex feels so good? There are actually scientific reasons as well as emotional ones to explain why sex feels good. If you've ever wondered why we are so lucky to have something that feels as good as sex does readily available to us, read on. Here are 10 reasons why sex … [Read more...]

11 Simple Steps to Spice Up Your Relationship

Couple cooking in modern kitchen

It's inevitable. The longer you're with someone, the more you fall into a routine and take one another for granted, especially if you've been married for years and have kids! You can start to feel like you're drifting apart or missing each other, even if you're sitting in the same room. Maybe you talk at each other rather than with each other, and you start missing the person he was when you first … [Read more...]

What Is S&M and How Can It Transform Your Sex Life?

Fetish wear: leather collar

Rihanna and Madonna have sung about it and there's a blockbuster Hollywood film about S&M based on a best-selling erotic trilogy, but exactly what is S&M? S&M, or sadomasochism, is simply part of the BDSM spectrum; although, many people use the words interchangeably. However, each element of BDSM - bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism - can be … [Read more...]

10 Killer Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend for Christmas!

Man and woman getting herbal ball massage in spa.

Christmas will be here before you know it! That means getting together with friends and family and getting just the right gift for your sweetie. You're all set to get out there and shop, shop, shop, but wait … do you even know what to get your boyfriend for Christmas? Men can be really difficult to buy for. Face it: you can't just get your man a beauty voucher or some nice candles. And many … [Read more...]

What Is a Queef: End Your Embarrassment During Sex

Embarrassed couple surprised in bed

You might file this under "too weird to believe," but there's actually such a thing as the World Queefing Championship, where women sign up to queef as often as possible to win a prize. If you're familiar with queefing, this might seem a little weird or gross. And if you're not? You might wonder what queefing is, what causes it and how it affects your sex life...and more to … [Read more...]

When to Say I Love You? Discover The Exact Right Time

I Love You!

The moment you choose to tell your guy that you love him is an important one. It's one of the big highlights of a relationship. But it's often nerve-wracking to know when to say I love you. Two things are givens: You shouldn't do it too soon into the relationship, but you shouldn't wait too long, either. Saying "I love you" too soon might put your guy in an uncomfortable position, or it … [Read more...]

Is Sperm Good for Your Skin? Here’s What Doctors Say

Woman caring of her  beautiful skin on the  face

Ever hear the urban legend that sperm is good for your skin? It's been doing the rounds for longer than we can remember, so we decided to you the lowdown on whether on not it's actually good for your skin... What Sperm Can Do For You If the idea of using semen on your skin seems foreign, especially if you don't swallow or like to keep cum on your body after getting down and dirty with your … [Read more...]