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  1. Julie says

    I’m having sex on and off with my best fried. Most recently just anal sex, which makes me feel like I’m not cheating with my husband. My friend is great, but the sex is average. He is completely in love with me and I do love him, but the sex is a huge sticking point for me. If I merged the best parts of both on my men I’d have the perfect guy for me. What should I do? Should I teach my best friend how to please me or should I just stay with my husband and put up with his BS?

    My kids love my best friend and me and my husband can’t seem to agree on anything. I’m just trying to look out for the best interests of my children.

    • Sean Jameson says

      Hi Julie,

      That sounds like a really tricky situation. Unfortunately I’m just a sex coach, not a relationship coach!

      Hope it works out for the best,


    • Lina says

      If you want to keep your kids happy you need to have a long conversation with them to tell them what’s happening and what all these changes mean but you should let them visit their father from time to time but try not break any heart let him down gently

  2. Amber says

    I just luv this! Wow a book for women filled with top of the line sex tips and suggestions. I started putting to use a combination of the things I’ve been learning all throughout this mind blowing book. I mean where has this “bad girls Bible” been all of my adult sex life. I only wished there were more things for the mind as well as the body. Teach me Sean I’m ready to learn. I want to suck from the tit of all sexual knowledge. Ill say that before this book I just thought I was good in bed, now I know I am and I have confidence and the skills to back it up!!! More More More More new stuff can’t get enough!

  3. Carrie Tweed says

    what if been together since 16 yrsold now almost 50 yrs old and always had great sex life and did most positions in first 10. Now its almost 40 years kids are gone how to make in interesting again. We have used toys made movies tied up etc. Love any ideas

  4. John Lambert says

    I am married to the woman of my dreams. A bbw with enormous breasts and big beutiful bubble but. I have always been obsessed with large breasts and she loves to tease me. When we were dating she spoiled me untill I would get so hard as soon as I saw her. Then one day she said she had bought new lingerie and had a big surprise for me. She said she would go put it on but first I had to be tied naked to the bed. I eagerly agreed. When she returned wearing black shiny corset and stockings with high heeled boots I was so turned on. She teased me with her huge boobs untill I was begging to suck on them. She made me admit that I needed mommies nipple because I am a big baby. She pulled out diapers and baby clothes that said mommas boy on them. I wanted her boobs so bad I agreed to wear them. She stuck a pacifier in my mouth that strapped around my head to keep it in. I was sucking it while she put my diaper and baby clothes on. I was so hard and wanted her to touch my cock so bad. She teased me about having a little baby toy and how cute it was. I couldn’t speak because I was sucking the pacifier strapped to my head. She teased me with her huge boobs and nipples untill I was whimpering and struggling. My cock needed attention and I couldn’t resist anymore. She asked if I wanted my little joytoy and I shook my head yes. She said you love playing with your little joytoy all the time don’t you. I was humiliated but shook my head yes. She said good boy. Then she reached into her bag and pulled out a huge dildo. She said my little baby toy was to small and she needed a big cock. She began rubbing it and sucking on it like she used to do to mine. I was squirming and whimpering desperately. She asked me if I needed my joytoy and I shook my head yes. She said that she has trained me to be controlled by my joytoy and she controls it. You need to play with your little joytoy so bad don’t you. I shook my head yes. Now that I have taken control soon you will need to play with your joy all the time. I was so humiliated but agreed that she controls my joytoy .She said she had a surprise for me and reached into her bag. She pulled out a harness and a leash.She said it was to lock my joytoy up and I would have to be a good boy if I wanted to play with my joytoy.I was so shocked and tried to scream but I couldn’t.She stuck her big boobs in my face and teased me untill I agreed to wear the harness and be a good boy if she would let me have my joytoy. Once I was locked in the harness she put the leash on. She said now she can lead me by my joytoy on my knees while you follow kissing my ass and worship me. She untied me and I grabbed my joytoy but it was in its new cage. I pulled off the pacifier begging to touch my joytoy. First you must show me what a good boy you are. I fell to my knees and began kissing her big perfect ass eagerly. She led me around on my leash as I hurried to kiss her ass and tell her how beutiful she is and agree that I am so much happier being controlled by her and that I love playing with my joytoy all the time.Finally she led me back to the bed and unlocked my joytoy. I was so happy to get my hand on my joytoy. I stroked it as she encouraged me. Now we are married and I work as a welder. I have to wear my harness and rush home after work desperate to play with my joytoy.I immediately get my leash and drop to my knees eager to kiss her beutiful big ass and tell her how much I love her and missed her.She loves teasing me with her big boobs and putting me in a diaper while I suck my nipple uy joytoyntill I get so hard and beg for my joytoy. I am so happy and glad she trained me to be controlled by her. I love being led by my joytoy and kissing her ass.I don’t have to try to control my sexual urges and admit that I can’t control my penis but women can. I think men are supposed to be controlled by women and I am so happy my wife controls me. I love being led by my joytoy on a leash.I am eager to please her and always do as she says. I can’t stop kissing her big beutiful ass and little feet. I am so lucky to be controlled by my beutiful wife. I never new I could be so happy.

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