Swiss Miss Sex Position

The Swiss Miss sex position is definitely one that falls under the category of Sexercise with your man. This is because you will be using your core muscles to keep yourself stabilized on a Swiss fitness ball (somtimes called an exercise ball, fitness ball or gym ball. It’s a large rubber inflatable ball).

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As you can see, the Swiss Miss position is like a combination between Doggy Style and the Jockey positions.

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To set it up, you are first going to need a Swiss ball. You need to lie on top of it with your stomach, balancing with your hands in front of you. If it’s small enough, then you can also put your feet on the ground behind you to help keep yourself balanced. If not, then just use your hands and keep your legs in the air. Your man will then enter you from behind just like he would in the Life Raft or Superwoman positions. He can hold on to your legs or waist

What The Girl Does In The Swiss Miss Position

When in the Swiss Miss position, you need to focus most of your energy on keeping your balance. This will be easier if the Swiss ball is a small one. But you can also make it easier by jamming the Swiss ball into position (against a bed, sofa, etc.) before you start having sex in the Swiss Miss position.

If you are close to a wall when having sex in the Swiss Miss position, then you can push back onto your man by putting your hands on the wall.

If you are having a lot of trouble keeping your balance on your hands, roll back until you are balancing most of your weight on your feet. You’ll find this to be a lot easier.

What The Guy Does In The Swiss Miss Position

Even though sex in the Swiss Miss position is a lot easier for your man than you, he should first concentrate on making sure that you can balance on the Swiss ball properly. If you are having trouble, then he needs to put his hands on your waist to keep you steady.

Once you are sure that you are staying fairly steady, he then just has to start thrusting. That’s it! He does need to be careful not to thrust too hard though, otherwise he may put a lot of pressure on your hands and arms.

swiss miss, sexual position, bad girls bible

Wrapping your legs around your man is just one of the many different variations of the Swiss Miss you can perform.

Things To Consider When Performing The Swiss Miss Position

Due to the fact that you need to have a Swiss/gym/fitness ball, not that many girls have actually tried out the Swiss Miss position with their partners. Those that have have given some feedback on it:

  • It can get quite tiring on your arms very quickly. If you find your arms tiring, then roll back so that you balancing most of your weight on your feet instead.
  • Try putting both of your legs together instead of apart for a slightly different sensation.
  • Don’t forget that anal sex is just as easy as vaginal sex in the Swiss Miss position.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Swiss Miss Sex Position

Personally, I find that Swiss Miss to be more of a novelty position, instead of a seriously enjoyable one. But it’s still good fun to try it out once or twice with your man.

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