Tango Sex Position

The Tango sex position gets it’s name from the dance due to the fact that you need to be quite flexible and have at least a little strength to perform it.

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Your man can help to support your back using his hands in the Tango position.

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When performing the Tango, you will be in a position similar to the Acrobat, except that you will be lying on the bed instead of your man. To get into the Tango position, you need to lie down on the bed on your back. But before you do, start on your knees, then slowly lie backwards, until your back is on the bed while your knees are too. Make sure that your legs are fairly open, so that your man can easily penetrate you.

If you are not that flexible, then put some pillows under your back for support.

Your man will then be on his knees and will penetrate you just as he would in the Launch Pad position.

What The Girl Does In The Tango Position

You will find that you are in a very immobile position when performing the Tango with your man. So don’t worry too much about pushing yourself back onto him when performing the Tango. Instead you should spend most of your time trying to stay comfortable. If you aren’t that flexible and haven’t performed either the Tango or Acrobat before, then you will find that it can get uncomfortable quite quickly.

You can also try the Tango while you have your legs held together. It will also feel a lot tighter for your man.

What The Guy Does In The Tango Position

Your man’s first priority is making sure that you are comfortable before he starts to penetrate you.

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]There is no point in performing any sex position if it causes you pain![/box]

Once you are comfortable, then it’s time for your man to start penetrating you. He should not put any of his weight on your when penetrating you, but should support it all through his hands and knees. He easily change the angle of penetration by leaning right over you, carrying his weight through his hands on the bed or by leaning right back and holding your waist with his hands.

Things To Consider When Performing The Tango Position

Having got a some feedback from students of the Bad Girl’s Bible that have tried out the Tango with their man, I have gotten a number of insights:

  • This position allows for a much different angle of angle of entry by your man (because your hips are raised right off the bed).
  • If you are a dancer/gymnast/already flexible, then you will find the Tango a lot, lot easier.
  • Do not attempt the Tango if you have bad knees!
  • Some really enjoy the Tango because their hips are raised allowing for a different angle of entry, while others reported that it wasn’t that great.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Tango Sex Position

The Tango is a sex position that not many people have tried out. Because of this, it may seem like a ‘rarer’, more exotic sex position. But don’t let this fool you: just because a sex position is ‘rarer’/exotic/’out there’ does not necessarily mean that it’s better or more fun or provides greater orgasms. However, with that being said, the Tango is still great to try out if you are looking for something new.

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