Delight Sex Position

The Delight sex position is a great one for when you want to be quite intimate with your man. It’s also really nice because you don’t have to put in that much effort to perform the Delight.

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The Delight is really easy to perform, but not many people have actually tried it.

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To set it up, you need to be sitting at either the edge of your bed or a sofa or on the edge of any surface that is about 12-20 inches from the ground. When you are sitting down, open your legs wide. Your man then kneels in front of you, facing you. For him to enter you, you may need to slightly lower yourself over the edge. Your man will usually have his legs close together. He can then grab your waist or legs as he is thrusting into you.

What The Girl Does In The Delight Position

When in the Delight position with your man, you can lean back slightly (use your arms behind your back to support yourself). You can then gently push yourself towards your man.

When you first try the Delight position with your man, you need to try every angle with him, from sitting up straight with your arms around his neck to lying right back until you find an angle that you both really enjoy. If you decide to sit up straight, then you are in a perfect position to kiss your man, making it more intimate. The further back you lean though, the less intimate it becomes.

What The Guy Does In The Delight Position

Your man has a really easy job in the Delight position. All he needs to do is just thrust in and out. If you and leaning back, then he can take his hands off your waist and use them to play with your breasts. Other than that though, this position is incredibly easy and straightforward for him.

delight, sexual position, bad girls bible

Don’t forget to pull your man in close and make deep eye contact with him to make it more intimate.

Things To Consider When Performing The Delight Sex Position

As the Delight position is so simple to perform, a lot of students have tried it. Here is some of the feedback that they have given me that will hopefully lead you to getting the most out of it with your partner:

  • Getting the height right can sometimes be frustrating. This means making sure that your man is high enough (or low enough) to make penetration pleasing for both of you. The simple way to fix this height problem is by using some firm cushions from your sofa.
  • A variation that you might enjoy is if your man puts his hands under your thighs and lifts them up. This will help him to achieve deeper and more forceful penetration.
  • If you are not getting much clitoral stimulation during penetration, then feel free to use your hands.
  • Don’t forget about eye contact if you want to make this position more intimate!

Sean’s Thoughts On The Delight Position

I enjoy the Delight position. Provided your bed/sofa is at the right height, then it’s not difficult to perform. Plus if we are both upright, then it can be quite intimate with our arms around each other and lots of kissing.

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