Rear Admiral Sex Position

The Rear Admiral sex position is great for those that like be dominated by their man and for him to be in almost complete control. You can perform the Rear Admiral while standing up or while on your knees. rear-admiral-sexual-position


To perform it while standing, both you and your man need to be facing in the same direction while both standing. Your man needs to then enter you from behind, either vaginally or anally. You then need to bend over so that you stomach is parallel to the ground and you are facing the floor. You can spread your legs while your man keeps his close together or vice-versa. Then you put your arms parallel with your body. You man then holds onto your hands/wrists and starts thrusting in and out.

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In this position, your man can thrust in and out really hard and quite deep too if that’s what you both enjoy.

On Your Knees

When performing the Rear Admiral on your knees, you do everything as you would when you were standing, except both you and your man will be on your knees. You need to spread your knees wide and your man can keep his close together or vice/versa. You can also lean down a little and rest your head and shoulders on the bed if you like.

This is why it’s called the Rear Admiral. Your man is in control of the ‘ship’ (you).

What The Girl Does In The Rear Admiral Position

When you are in the Rear Admiral position, your man will be doing most of the work. But you do need to give him instructions from time to time, so that he knows how fast and how deep you like it. It’s also important to let him know if he is pulling too hard on your arms. Besides this, you will have very little control.

What The Guy Does In The Rear Admiral Position

When your man is in the Rear Admiral position, he will have almost total control, which is a major turn on for a lot of girls. He can lean backwards or forwards to change the angle of entry. He can also stop thrusting and instead grind up against you in a circular or figure of 8 movement.

If your man can use 1 just one of his hands to hold both your hands, then he can use his free hand to start rubbing your clit. Or if you are having anal sex with him, he can finger you.

Things To Consider When Performing The Rear Admiral Sex Position

Some students really enjoy the loss of control they feel when doing the Rear Admiral with their man. Here is some of the feedback they have given me on it.

  • If it’s your first time trying it, make sure to tell your man what you like and how hard to fuck you. Otherwise he might get carried away and accidentally hurt you.
  • This position is perfect for those of you who like anal sex with your man is in a very dominant position.
  • Make sure to experiment with this position while on your knees as well as while standing to see which you prefer.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Rear Admiral Position

I personally really like the feeling of having a lot of control when in the Rear Admiral position, while my girl has hardly any at all. It’s also really fun to try the variation I describe below:

Rear Admiral Variation

There is a variation of the Rear Admiral that is a ‘comedy’ or joke sex position. To perform it, you do it just like you would when standing, except your man is not holding your arms and you are not holding on to him. The whole idea is that he needs to you need to try and stay balanced and keep his penis inside you as he moves you forward around the room with each thrust. Once your complete a full lap of the room, you have completed the Rear Admiral! Doing this is a really fun change from the regular Rear Admiral.

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