Foreplay Tips For Turning Him On

These foreplay tips will bring new levels of sexual satisfaction to your man.

There is a a myth out there that men don’t enjoy foreplay. That just isn’t true, men love it. The reason why some believe that men don’t enjoy foreplay is because they get turned on so quickly and easily.

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Taking control can make foreplay really, really hot, especially if you have never done it before!

But just because they get turned on fast and easily doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy foreplay.

In fact if you do foreplay right, your man will ultimately have a much stronger and more enjoyable orgasm when he does cum.

Pre-Foreplay Tips

Great foreplay is not just about kissing, caressing and fondling him. There is a lot more to it. Before you even get to that stage, there is many different things you can do to turn him on and get him in the mood. I call this Pre-Foreplay.

On The Phone

Before you even see your man, there is a lot of things you can do to get him in the mood for sex and thinking about what pleasures lie ahead. The simplest thing is to just send him a text message. You can check out the article on sending your man dirty text messages to get an idea of what to send him.

Another thing you can do is obviously call him. If you do, just keep it short and sweet. Say hi and then let him know what you are planning for later, then end the call first to leave him wanting more.

How You Dress & Look

Guys are visual. They get turned on by what they see. It’s something that I talk about a lot. More importantly you should already be using this to your advantage.

So what can I do to take advantage of this Sean?

If you want to turn your man on and get him in the mood before you even start foreplay, then something short or tight is going to help to get him in the mood for sex. So ditch the dungarees and UGG boots and replace them with a sexy skirt and a pair of stilettos. I hope you get the idea here.

As well as dressing sexy, don’t forget about your hair and make up too. Do you look sexier with your hair down? In a pony tail? In a bun? Or in a different style? Try experimenting a little bit with what works best at turning your man on.

What about make up? Does a certain lipstick make your lips look more enticing or does a certain eye shadow make your eyes glimmer?

Try doing a little experimentation with how you look to see what is best for turning your man on and putting him in the mood.

This all seems so obvious, right? The thing is that many people don’t see these as foreplay tips and forget about them when trying to turn their man on.

Foreplay Tips

Okay, so now that I have covered the pre-foreplay tips, it’s time to learn some great foreplay techniques and tactics for making him horny and hot for you.


If you have read the kissing section of the Bad Girl’s Bible, then you will have picked up some great tips on how to properly kiss your man.

But maybe you don’t have time to read a whole section dedicated to the art of kissing your man. Here are some quick tips to kissing your man passionately.

Tongue & Lips & Teeth – Don’t forget that when you are kissing your man it’s not just about using your lips. You can use your tongue to massage his lips as well as your man’s tongue. Your taste buds also gives him a slightly rougher sensation than your lips.

From time to time you can also use your teeth to gently nibble his lips and tongue. Just remember that you are not biting him, but just squeezing his lips or tongue between your teeth.

Outside His Mouth – There are more great places to kiss your man than on his lips and mouth. Try slowly moving across his face as you kiss him. Go from his mouth, across his cheek to his neck and then slowly make your way up his neck to his ear lobes.

Then after kissing him a bit on his ears and ear lobe, move back across his cheek to his mouth. If you want, you can do the same to the other side of his face.

Kissing From Mouth To Cock – A really natural way to transition from kissing your man to giving him a blowjob is slowly moving down from his mouth, down his neck, then down his chest and onto his crotch, kissing him all the way as you are moving downwards. Speaking of blow jobs, I have put together a very detailed video that will teach you how to give your man a great blow job. It will teach you the exact techniques you can use that will leave him squirming in pleasure. Click here to watch it now.

Ok, that’s it for kissing. For more tips, make sure to read the kissing section.

Touching Your Man

Sean, I’m a grown woman, I know that I have to touch my man to turn him on! I thought this article was about foreplay tips?

It is about foreplay tips! But how you touch your man man plays a crucial role during foreplay.

Let me ask you a few questions:

Do you start touching him without provocation or for no reason at all? Or do you wait for him to start touching you first?

Do you rub, massage, caress, grab and hold your man or do you just rest your hands on his back when having sex with him?

These are important questions that you need to ask yourself. Most guys enjoy being with someone who is sometimes an aggressor and sometimes more submissive and receptive to them.

Please, please keep this in mind when you want to initiate foreplay with him or he is initiating it with you. There are so many different ways to touch your man that give him a range of different sensations. Here are just a few ideas to get your brain thinking about how to touch him:

  • You can softly wrap your hands around his neck and pull him in to kiss him.
  • You can put your hands under his shirt and run your nails up and down his back.
  • You can grab his ass outside his trousers.
  • You can massage his back.
  • You can teasingly run your fingers along the inside of his leg, right up to his crotch.
  • You can run your fingers through his scalp to massage it.
  • When he’s not expecting it, you can even tickle him to keep things exciting.

Now have a think about how you like your man to touch and caress you and simply do it back to him.

Dominance & Submission

Don’t worry, I’m not necessarily talking about whips and chains!

I talking about how you act in bed with your man.

Too often people fall into a routine. This is a perfectly fine and good thing for a job or for keeping a regular savings account.

However it’s poison for your relationship.

Alternating between dominance and submission is a great way to avoid this routine.

Now like I said, it doesn’t have to involve whips and chains. What I am talking about is much more subtle. Here’s some things you can do to become either more dominant or submissive:

  • If your man is always the one who initiates sex, then try becoming a little more dominant and be the one who initiates it sometimes. Not every time, just sometimes.
  • If you are always the dominant one, then the next time during foreplay, try getting down on your knees to give him a blowjob.
  • Try talking dirty to your man and ordering him around. Order him into bed. Order him to go down on you and eat you out. Order him to give you a back massage.
  • The next time during foreplay, push your man down onto the bed and straddle him, taking control.

Hopefully these foreplay tips act as a great start to get your man more turned on during foreplay. If you’d like to learn more, specifically tips on how to give him a great blow job, then you will learn everything you need to know in this blow job video tutorial. Enjoy!

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  1. Kelsea says

    I have a problem, my man says he likes sex but he never wants to have it, i have tried all of your trips on what to do and how to do it and he still doesnt want to, It makes me feel unwanted, un-needed and very un-attractive, i have lost weight for him and done everything i can to make him look, but nothing seems to be working, please help, i dont know what to do anymore.

    • Sean says

      Hi Kelsea,

      Thanks for your question. What you are talking about sounds very serious. I feel that the best course of action is to talk to him about it. But if that doesn’t work, maybe consider seeing a couples counsellor.

  2. Kathryn says

    Hi Sean,
    I have a problem when it comes to being the dominant one. I’m less experienced than my boyfriend and when it comes to me being on top, I just can’t seem to do it. I can’t seem to get the position or movements right and i’m always so afraid of hurting him. I don’t just want to be the one who always lies back and takes it! Please give me some advice..

    • Sean says

      Hi Kathryn,

      Don’t worry about hurting your man. He will let you know if anything you’re doing is hurting him. There are a few different things you can do to help improve your confidence. The most important is to realise that it’s not just about his pleasure when you are on top! Try to find a rhythm or stroke that really gets you off, without worrying about him. Guys get really turned on just by seeing their girl get off! The other is to start off with the lights down low or even off, many find that this really takes the pressure off. Another is to get a little tipsy first to calm your nerves.


  3. Pat says

    Hi Sean, I wonder if you can tell me how to stop my man from coming so quickly and where
    To squeeze I just before he starts to com?

    • says

      Hi Pat,
      This can be a tricky one. There are a variety of things that your man can do to prevent your man from cumming so quickly. The number one thing that I recommend is using a numbing cream on his penis and then putting a condom over it so that the cream doesn’t effect you.


  4. Lona says

    Hi Sean,

    I have enjoyed reading your tips. I have not been sexually active in years. I recently met someone whom I am sexually attractive to. This individual knows my history. I feel really nervous/almost feel like I have never had sex before. I want him and I to enjoy our experience together. Any advice to get over jitters…

    • says

      Hi Lona,
      Honestly, the most important thing that you can do is not worry about it AND understand that you improve with practice. If your man judges you harshly for it, then he may not be such a great guy at the end of the day. Try some of the positions from the sex positions section on him or the blowjob section on him. Don’t try to remember everything, just use 1 or 2 positions and 1 or 2 blowjob techniques on him. And remember, he is going to be just as nervous as you!

      Good luck!

  5. Shelley says

    I have a small problem. Somethings that happened in my past still affects my sexual life.

    Im talking about Blow Jobs, when im in the mood to give one i have no problem with them. But as soon as my man suggests, hint, tries or says anything related to a blow job im turned off. You can just forget about sex for the next few days.

    Im getting very frustrated over it. I enjoy being treated like a sex slave from time to time, but how can he enjoy being my master if he has to avoid even thinking about a bj.

  6. Yolanda says

    hi- My boyfriend doesnt understand the importance of foreplay. Ive tried talking to him about it, but Im afraid its just made matters worse. He says he doesnt like doing things, when I tell him to do them. Getting wet is not the issue. I need him to stimulate me physically in order to prepare for it mentally. Ive also tried showing him what I like, by doing it to him but he just doesnt get it. For instance, I like my neck and ears to be kissed and licked, but that doesnt necessarily feel good to him. So he doesnt reciprocate. When I give him blow job, I blow his mind! In fact, he didnt even like blow jobs before me. Now he wants them all the time but when it comes to pleasing me, I feel as if there is no effort put into it. Im getting really frustrated because I need all the buildup before he enters me. I also need to mention, he is a GREAT boyfriend in all other areas. Ive had great sex before with bad boyfriends and Id like this good guy to turn into a great lover. I am clearly more experience with sex than he is (he knows it too), and I think it hurts his ego when I try to talk to him about what I need. How can I communicate effectively with him?

    • says

      Hi Yolanda,
      Thanks for your question. This is a very tricky situation indeed…all guys have some sort of ego when it comes to sex. We never want to admit it, but we can get a bruised ego from even the simplest misunderstanding or even constructive criticism…so threading delicately is crucial in a situation like this.

      As you already now know, telling him to do things is counter-productive. A much better way to get him to do the things you like is ‘reward’ him for doing the things you like, but DO NOT ‘punish’ him for the other things that you don’t enjoy as much. So when he does do anything you really like, need and enjoy then make sure to tell him afterwards. Maybe even cook him dinner, give him a surprise blowjob or send him a text afterwards telling him hot it was. This will slowly encourage him to keep doing the things you enjoy.

      So if he gives you even just 5 minutes of foreplay before sex, then try to show him how super appreciative you are of it afterwards.

      Don’t expect this to magically change things overnight. It takes time.

      Let me know how it goes.


  7. Kristyl says

    I love my boyfriend very much but here’s the problem… He’s addicted to porn, and he has been for most of his adult life. He recently deleted all of his hundreds of movies he downloaded on his computer. Which is a great start. He said he can’t quit cold turkey, and he has cut way back since we met and started living together. I know that it is a true addiction. But I think it has damaged our sex life, and maybe this has always been a problem for him. I feel like he is always disconnected when we are having sex. Barely ever do we have forplay. Maybe for a few min. But nothing to get me hot. We barely ever kiss. We do but it’s quick. Never long and passionate. We never just “make out” and just get lost in each other. I feel like we’re always just fucking. Don’t get me wrong, I like that too just not all the time. I like a balance of making love and fucking. He does go down on me but not very often. 4 times 4 months. I am Also the only woman that was ever able to make him cum orally. He said he would always just go limp in the middle of it, not sure why but I think it’s porn related. Anyways it’s probably also why he’s into anal sex which is fine with me and threesomes which is not ok with me now at this point in my life being in a committed relationship. I just feel disconnected and I really need and want the connected loving feeling. I don’t think he needs it or cares about it. We have talked about it but not much has changed. Has porn ruined my boyfriend?

    • says

      Hi Kristyl, thanks for you comment and to answer your question, “Has porn ruined my boyfriend?” My answer is, I don’t know as I don’t all the details of your relationship. However, it does sound like it could be a problem. The key is communicating your frustration to your man and letting him know how it’s affecting your relationship.

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