Mongolian Smurf Sex Position

The Mongolian Smurf sex position is a really enjoyable man on top position, where you can relax and let your man do pretty much all of the work.

To perform the Mongolian Smurf, you’ll need to lie on your side in the recovery position just like you would for the Irish Spooning position. Then you need to raise you top leg a little bit towards your chest and put your top arm either in front or behind you to stay in position. You can keep your lower leg fairly straight and feel free to position your lower arm however you like. Your man then needs to straddle your straight leg while on his knees and remain upright and start thrusting into you. You won’t be able to do anything in this position so you can just relax and take it easy.

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Despite the funny name, performing the Mongolian Smurf is really easy.

What The Girl Does In The Mongolian Smurf Position

Like I just said, you don’t need to do anything at all in the Mongolian Smurf position. You just need to relax. If you want though, you can use one of your hands to start masturbating yourself and massaging your clitoris to help yourself climax. If you are having anal sex with your man, then you can finger yourself too.

What The Guy Does In The Mongolian Smurf Position

Your man will be doing almost all the work. He can rest his hands on the bed to make it easier to thrust into you or he can put his hands on your waist/leg. If you want him to thrust deeper into you, then your man can grab your arm and pull you towards him with each thrust.

But for a lot of couples, the Mongolian Smurf is not all about penetrating you fast and hard, it’s about slower, more gentle and intimate sex. This means that your man may want to slow things down a bit and grind on you instead of thrusting in and out.

Things To Consider When Performing The Mongolian Smurf Position

The Mongolian Smurf is not a very common position, but a lot of students of the Bad Girl’s Bible have tried it and have given me some great insights into getting the most out of it:

  • The Mongolian Smurf is great for when you are tired and you want your man to do all the work.
  • The Mongolian Smurf is more of a sensual sex position than a crazy, ‘wild’ sex position. Although if he wants, your man can penetrate you more vigorously if he wants.
  • Anal sex is quite easy in the Mongolian Smurf position, but it doesn’t make for a sensual, intimate time with your man.
  • To help your man penetrate you deeper, you can grab your top leg with you arms(s) and pull it closer to your chest.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Mongolian Smurf Sex Position

I like the Mongolian Smurf a lot. It’s great for when I’m with a girl who wants some slow, sensual sex. It’s also really easy to switch from Irish Spooning to the Mongolian Smurf in a matter of seconds.

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  1. Steve says

    Love this position, I like that there’s so much contact on inner and outer thigh and I like being up on the knees. My wife’s behind is a thing of beauty and I get to hold and admire it. We get into this position sometimes when she’s already come and I get just get to enjoy the sensuality and she doesn’t have to do much.

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