How To Give Head From Start To Finish

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Learning how to give great head is easier than you think!

You will find that these powerful tips on how to give head to your man are simple and easy to follow. But before you dash out and try them on your man, there are a few things that you need to be aware of first to make sure that your man is left properly satisfied.

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1. There is a lot of information on giving head to your man in this article. If you try to use every single piece of information, then you will have trouble performing anything correctly. A better course of action to take is to first read through the full article (skimming is best) and then afterwards pick out 1 or 2 techniques and tips to try. Re-read these to make sure that you fully understand them and then try them on your man.

2. Make sure that both you and your man are safe! I can’t say this enough. You may really eager to jump in and try many of the techniques that you read here, but before you do, make sure that both you and your man are safe and disease free first. That means you need to use a condom if you are not both fully sure you are clean disease free.

Okay, so now that we have covered the important stuff, let’s get down to fun & games…

Giving Head With Your Hands & Mouth

When you give your man a blowjob, you will only be using your mouth and lips. Giving your man head requires you to use your hands too. This is fantastic as it gives you a lot more options for fully pleasing him. Below are some of my favorite techniques, that all men enjoy having performed on them.

1. Penis (& Testicle) Massage

Giving your man a penis massage is like giving him an advanced handjob and is the perfect way to start giving your man head. Instead of just grabbing his penis and masturbating him up and down like when you give him a handjob, you are literally going to give it a massage. So start by just dragging your palm and fingers over both his penis and testicles. Alternating the amount of pressure from very light to quite a bit is best.

Just make sure that you don’t apply too much to hurt him!

If you do this right, you may find that your man cums after just a few minutes of this, without you ever using your mouth!.

2. Move On To A Handjob

To step up the intensity of giving your man head, you need to move on to giving him a handjob from the penis (& testicle) massage. This is pretty simple….Just wrap your fingers around his shaft and start to slowly jerk it up and down. How much pressure you use is up to you. The best way to know how much to use is to experiment with different amounts of pressure and see what your man prefers.

3. Time To Start Giving Head With Your Mouth

When you are giving head to your man, my advice is to only use your hands for a short while if you are serious about giving him a maximum amount of pleasure. Getting head from a girl when she uses her mouth is far more satisfying for a guy. So if your man usually cums very quickly, then don’t spend too much time using just your hands. Try to quickly move on to using your mouth, tongue and lips….He will appreciate it!

4. Use Your Lips & Tongue First

When you are first discovering how to give good head to your man, you may be eager to just rip his pants off and immediately start sucking his cock like a jack rabbit. Don’t!

Slowly building anticipation all the way up to when he climaxes makes for far more powerful orgasms when giving head!

To build anticipation, start by using only your lips and tongue. Use them to do exactly what you did when you were giving your man a penis (& testicle) massage. Use your tongue to lick and apply pressure to both his penis and balls. To do this, just keep your tongue opened so that you can cover a large area. Use your lips to gently squeeze his penis and balls. When you have his penis between your lips, you can use your tongue to lick it.

5. Time To Start Sucking

After all this build up to giving your man head, it’s finally time to start sucking his dick. All you need to do is just take his penis into and out of your mouth.

That’s right, it’s really that simple!

Obviously there are a thousand different things that you can do to improve on this that I cover in my FREE newsletter, but the basic blowjob technique for giving your man head is actually very simple. All you need to do is take his dick into and out of your mouth.

Important Pointers

  • When taking his penis into and out of your mouth, it’s important to remember to use lots of saliva to keep it lubricated and feeling luscious for your man.
  • The last thing you want to do when giving head to your man is to accidentally use your teeth. It’s incredibly painful for him and a major turn off. If his penis does happen to be a bit too big for your mouth, then just wrap your lips over your teeth to prevent them from cutting into his penis.
  • Don’t take his penis too far into your throat. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, then it will make you gag and it is incredibly uncomfortable.
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