Rodeo Sex Position

The Rodeo position gets it’s name from the fact that you often look like you are performing in a rodeo when performing it with your man. In fact, the Rodeo sex position is more like the Cowgirl position, but with you facing in the opposite direction.

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You’ll find that the Rodeo is more like a game than a sex position!

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So to set up the Rodeo, your man first needs to lie down on the bed on his back. You then need to get on top of him, straddling him so that you are facing towards his feet with your back to him. You will be on your knees, upright while on top of your man. Then you can start to move up and down on his penis or you can grind on it. Your man will be thrusting up into you. If he thrusts really hard, then it can really start to feel like a rodeo as if your man is trying to ‘buck’ you off him.

What The Girl Does In The Rodeo Position

As you will be on top of your man, you will be quite active when in the Rodeo position. This means that you can simply move forward and back over your man, while he remains inside you. This will cause his penis to stimulate many different areas inside your vagina.

You can also ‘bounce’ up and down on your man using your legs. If you are getting tired from bouncing up and down on your man, then try leaning forward and resting your hands on his legs while using your hips to bounce up and down on his penis. Do not put your hands on his knees as this can cause injury!

What The Guy Does In The Rodeo Position

Your man can just lay there like a dead fish. But that doesn’t feel so good for you.

As he doesn’t have as much mobility as you do, due you being on top of him, he can really only thrust up and down into you when he’s in the Rodeo position. But he can alternate how fast and hard he thrusts. If you raise yourself slightly above him, then he can thrust really rapidly into you just like during the Fast Fuck. He can also grab you by the waist and move you forward and backwards, helping you to grind on him.

Things To Consider When Performing The Rodeo Position

Many more students of the Bad Girl’s Bible have tried the Cowgirl position than have tried the Rodeo even though they are so similar. Nevertheless, I have gotten some great feedback from those who have tried it:

  • Changing your angle while he is thrusting into you is important to find a great spot. Try leaning right back on your man until you are in the Acrobat position. Then try leaning really far forwards with your hands in front of you.
  • You are in the perfect position to provide yourself with a little manual stimulation while in the Rodeo position.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Rodeo Sex Position

I really like the Rodeo. This is not because it feels great (there are actually far more pleasurable sex positions). It’s because it’s super-simple to do and it makes for a fantastic change from something like regular Cowgirl.

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