How To Cum Everytime During Sex & Masturbation

Learning how to cum is actually really easy. So if you are currently having trouble reaching orgasm and cumming, then just follow my advice below and you will be well on your way to having powerful orgasms with your man.

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With a little experimentation, you’ll find that some positions help you cum a lot faster than others.

1. You First, Then With Your Man

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Before learning how to cum during sex with your man, you need to learn how to cum by yourself (if you already can cum easily by yourself, then skip this section). If you have never made yourself cum before then you are in for a very enjoyable treat!

The most important part about learning to make yourself cum is…relaxing and getting comfortable with yourself. It’s not about a perfect technique or rubbing yourself in a specific way. You just need to relax and get comfortable with yourself.

“But how can I relax if I’m desperately trying to make myself cum?”

It’s an interesting and sometimes difficult question. To relax, even if you are desperate to make yourself cum, you need to stop aiming for a ‘final outcome’. Instead you need to just enjoy the process. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the fact is, it works. By not concentrating on a final outcome, you can free yourself of ‘having to make yourself cum’ and just enjoy the process or journey.

But just enjoying the process is not enough, having a road map to reach orgasm and cum is just as important

2. How To Make Yourself Cum

I always recommend students to take this process very slowly. The most important part is relaxing. You’ll find that it’s easiest to relax when you are alone and are not going to be disturbed by anyone. This is why I advise masturbating in a place like your bedroom and locking the door.
Remember that you need to take things slowly. There is no rush or endpoint. Instead you are just going to masturbate for as long as it feels pleasurable. If you happen to cum and reach orgasm along the way, then great. If not, then no problem.

This is the attitude you need to have.

To masturbate properly, I always advise using your fingers on your vagina. Most girls find their clitoris to be the most pleasurable to have stimulated and rubbed, which is located just above the vagina and feels like a soft nub of skin under a flap of skin called the clitoral hood. I advise you to rub it with light circular motion, but feel free to experiment to find what you enjoy best.

While you are masturbating, just relax and start to think about any fantasy that comes to mind. This will help to make it more fun for you. As you continue to masturbate, you will notice that it becomes more and more enjoyable, until eventually you reach orgasm or you get tired and want to stop. Either is good. The most important thing is to concentrate on what is most pleasurable.

This is basically how you teach yourself to cum. Although others will have you believe that there is a secret magic formula to make you cum every time, there unfortunately isn’t. It’s just not that simple. My advice is to keep focusing on making yourself cum, until you are able to cum every time you masturbate before you learn how to cum with your man. If you want a tutorial on how to masturbate properly (and even have squirting orgasms!) then I highly recommend that you watch this video tutorial I put together.

3. How To Cum During Sex

Once you are easily able to make yourself cum when you masturbate, it is then time to learn how to cum during sex with your man. Before giving you my roadmap though, there is something important that I have to say:

It’s 1000X times easier to cum with a guy that you are attracted too and feel comfortable with.

It’s going to be much harder to cum when you are with a guy who you are not attracted to and who you don’t feel comfortable being with.

So once you are with a guy that feels good to be with, you need to have sex with him quite regularly. This is so that you can find out what sex positions you prefer and give you the most pleasure. Then let your man know what positions you enjoy most, to encourage him to use these positions a lot with you.

But you may find that penetration alone is not nearly enough to bring you to orgasm and make you cum. If this is the case, then I recommend using a position like doggystyle so that it’s easy to stimulate yourself by rubbing your clitoris at the same time as your man is penetrating you. This double-whammy of pleasure is usually enough to give you intense orgasms and make you cum.

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  1. Bea says

    I can’t cum when I masturbate, because I have to squirt first. Apparently that’s sexy for some guys but I’m not really sure.

  2. jenn says

    i am with a guy for 2 years and 5 months and he may me cum for 1 year and a half and then i just stop cumming and i dont know why??my boyfriend use to make me come with his mouth..but i just can cum and i need help to tell my why this happened

    • says

      Hi Jenn,
      There is literally a million reasons why this is happening. It could be a hormonal thing. It could be a different technique he is using. It could be due to certain medications. I honestly can’t give you the right answer. It’s best to talk to a medical professional about it.


  3. Erindira says

    So I am 25 and I just cant figure out how to cum by myself or with my bf we have been together for about 5yrs and I am getting frustrated that no matter what its not happening. Is there a way that I would not know I did even if I did? I seriously do not think I have ever came its so sad. When a women does cum is it a lot? or just a little that comes out. I really need like step by step directions or something I have read that some girls describe it as having and urge to pee? I feel like I cant do the job right by myself. Would a bigger penis do the job? Or is it just me?

    • says

      Hi Erindira,

      Not every girl can cum when they orgasm, so don’t worry about it too much! Some can and some can’t! However if you are experimenting and would like to cum when you orgasm, I always advise that you try and do it by yourself first before doing it with your man. This way you don’t have to worry about the pressure of having your man beside you/on top of you.


    • says

      Hi Jess,
      That sounds perfectly normal. Many women don’t cum when they orgasm and many women can cum despite not actually having an orgasm and some women do both at the same time.


  4. kayla says

    hi im 19 and i used to be able to cum and ever since i had my son i squirt now and i HATE it i miss being able to cum my fiance says wthat when i sqiuirt it smells like pee i tried playing with my self my cought some to see what color is it suppose to be… and it looked like pee how can i make my self cum an squrit the right way please help me any ansewrs…

    • says

      Hi Kayla,
      It’s perfectly normal for a little pee to come out when you squirt, but most of the fluid should be from your Skene’s gland, not your bladder. The first thing that I would do is to make sure that you use a towel during sex to soak it up.

      I’d advise you to try and masturbate on your own and when you feel yourself reaching the ‘edge’, focus on trying to control the feeling so that you can still orgasm, but don’t squirt. It can be tough at first, but with a lot of practice, you’ll find that it gets far, far easier.

      If the problem keeps persisting and you are sure that it’s mostly urine, then try talking to your OB/GYN about it.


  5. Elizabeth says

    My husband and I have been married a year and half. When he goes down on me, which is ALOT…I tense up and get so very very close to orgasm, then I just tense up and can’t let go! He wants me to cum every time! So he knows that he’s pleasing me! I’m really frustrated! On our wedding night I exploded, then another time I was drunk and didn’t know what was going on(felt bad) those two times I cummed!! Now I can’t, what’s wrong? What do I do to relax and let go I’ve tried so much!

    • says

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Often it takes a while to learn how to relax and just let go. For some, they have a feeling of shame or even guilt when it comes to enjoying sex. For others, they just plain have a hard time completely letting go. They may find that getting a little drunk (like in your case) or doing something else like being tied up helps them to totally submit to their feelings and let go.

      My advice is not to worry too much about it or put any pressure on yourself to ‘cum for him’. Just focus on enjoying yourself, even if you don’t cum.


    • Jasen Walsh says

      I have this problem. Try letting him do it from behind if you get weird about his nose being near your bum do it nose down. So you on all fours and him either in the same position just side by side with you and his head should be upside down. Or 69 possition. It worked for my wife. She has a small clit that is super sensitive. Start with slow kisses outside and don’t go near the clit till you’re ready. Communication is key. Just tell him your more sensative than anyone else he should be fine w it. Goodluck.

  6. mimi says

    Sean when I’m going to masturbate and have intimate time on my own I pee first but, when I’m arroused and getting ready to squirt I feel like if I’m going to pee and idk if its normal and when I do squirt it is ALOTTT????

  7. mimi says

    Sean I love Ur articles but, how do I know if its pee or if I’m really squirting when.I’m using my vibrator clit help me please

  8. Kerry says

    How do I know if I’ve orgasmed or not?
    When I do it with myself I can manage to get to the peak, but I can’t seem to let go, and then a little while later the intense feeling leaves…
    I’ve read some comments and now I’m confused as to what the difference between an orgasm and coming is…
    And the only way I’ve been able to get near the climax is through rubbing my clit.

    • says

      Hi Kerry,
      Sounds like you are doing it correctly :) Coming involves secreting or ejaculating fluid from your vagina. Sometimes it occurs with orgasm, sometimes it doesn’t. When you orgasm, you should feel a very intense peak and then afterwards your clitoris should feel almost too sensitive to touch.

  9. Angel says

    When I am by myself I try masturbating using clitoris sensation but as soon as I start I automatically tense up and when I feel like I should release I just remain tense and it eventually becomes frustrating and a little painful. What am I doing wrong?

    • says

      Hi Angel,

      The key is really relaxing and embracing that feeling. Focus on what you find pleasurable and if you find anything painful, then stop doing it. It can take time to fully be able to relax and enjoy the feeling, but you’ll quickly discover that it’s totally worth it!


  10. Squirter says

    Whenever I use my electric toothbrush to masturbate I always end up “squirting” or “gushing”
    Out a liquid before I orgasm, I always pee before I masturbate, does this sound like I’m squirting? Or just peeing a bit?

  11. Neela says

    I can not cum myself how hard I tried, perhaps that may be my mental condition during the masturbation. But when I am with my G/F it happens very easily.

    • says

      Hi Neela,

      Perhaps it is mental. But there could be other factors at play also like whether or not you use anti-depressants or it could depend on your experience. Maybe you just need the touch of someone you care about to push you over the edge. It doesn’t sound like you have any major sexual dysfunction, so I’d advise that you don’t worry about it too much and only focus on what feels most pleasurable.

      Have fun!


  12. Bugaboo says

    So I found this article when I was looking to learn specific info on squirting. I understand the process and feel like I get very close, but my trouble is with the ‘relaxing’ part. I have no idea how to make this happen. When I cum, I’m about as tense as I can get. If I’m ever to pop a vessel, it’ll be when I’m cumming. I don’t think I can possibly cum if I’m not all tensed up, sometimes I even hold my breath. I’m in my 30s so I’m no stranger to orgasms, but is there another way to reach it without being wound so tight? Sometimes my muscles actually hurt after a good long night of sex because of all the tension I’ve built up. I don’t think I’ll be able to squirt when I’m so tight when I cum. Maybe I can retrain myself? Any thoughts?

  13. Dellia says

    Here is a tip from a girl who has ruined every mattress she’s had…not that you want to do that.
    Kegels. Tense your kegels throughout the day, tense them when you are urinating. It strengthens those muscles and helps you ejaculate when the time arrives. I have squirted every single time I’ve had sex, everyone is built different but I think it helps. When I’m at the peak I get a feeling like I need to tense them or also can be described as a need to push…and voila! you’ve just made him think you’re a porn star .

    • Bugaboo says


      Thanks for the tip. So, by saying kegels, do you mean that it’s something you actively have to push out to do? Wouldn’t that make you fart half the time, and if you’re really unlucky, shit yourself? I managed to get a little squirt out today after a long dildo session but I had to be incredibly focused and had to really force it. I think if another person were involved it would be way too much of a distraction. Did you have to learn it or was it natural? If I’m just squirting by myself it’s just a pointless mess to clean up, but with my love it would be hot as hell. Also, as is, if I tried to do it with him I’d push him right on out of me and that’s just not sexy. And I really would rather not fart. Maybe you have more tips to tell? I’m a willing and able student.


  14. Cass says

    Ive been sexually actove for 3 years and have never had an orgasm or cummed before. I really want to experience this, as i feel itll make sex so much more enjoyably for both me and my partner. But weve tried just about everything and i just cant seem to… Whats wrong with me?

  15. Marissa Thomas says

    I know how to make yourself cum if you a girl easy and simple

    1: make sure your in a area that no one can disturb you in

    2: rub your clit(area befor hole)in circle motion in normal pace

    3: keep doing it to you feel warm liquid oozeing out

    That’s how I cum

  16. Meridith says

    I can cum if I touch a sensitive pink part below my vagina because it’s a delicate body part.But I need to cum in the shower because it keeps staining my bed sheets.LOL!!!

    • says

      Hi Nikki,

      Different people orgasm differently. Some have more sensitive clits than their vaginas/G Spots. But the reverse is also true. It just sounds like your clit is far more sensitive.


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