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How To Prepare For Great Anal Sex

The main reason why women dislike or even hate anal sex is because they didn’t properly prepare for it. If your man suggests it one night and neither of you fully understand how to make it easy, pleasurable and fun then both of you are going to be in for one lousy time! But once [...]

7 Hot & Spicy Anal Sex Tips

Anal sex is a fun and exciting sexual experience that I highly recommend all couples try at least once before deciding if you they want to make it a regular part of their sex lives. These 7 anal sex tips will show you some really wonderful ways to have more fun and pleasure when having [...]

How To Have Anal Sex For The First Time

If you have never had anal sex before, then you are in for a surprise. It’s very pleasurable when done right. Many couples have not tried anal sex for a variety of reasons or beliefs they have about it, like: It’s too sore and painful. It’s dirty. It’s slutty. The sad thing is that these [...]

Anilingus Guide aka Rimming aka Tossing The Salad

Anilingus is one of those sex techniques that is very often misunderstood and disliked before it’s even tried. This is a real shame as it’s super fun and enjoyable when performed properly. Just follow this guide below to learn everything you need to know about giving your partner some super satisfying anilingus. Performing Anilingus Safely [...]