How To Make A Guy Cum Fast & Powerfully: 4 Killer Tips

Should you even bother learning all the sex tips here on the Bad Girl’s Bible if you don’t even know how to make your man cum cum fast and powerfully? I think we both know the answer to this question…

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If you can make your man cum like this, then he will happily return the favor!

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So today, I’m going to show you exactly how to make your man cum hard every time in just 5 minutes by showing you:

  • The SINGLE-most-important thing you need to do to your man.
  • How to make him cum harder than any other girl.
  • Why a build up is crucial to him cumming hard and having a super-satisfying orgasm.

Learning how to make a guy cum is actually really easy. Everything you need, you’ll find throughout The Bad Girl’s Bible. I will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to pleasing your man and making him cum really strongly. Whether you want to learn how to give a killer blowjob or how to talk dirty or learn some good sex positions, it’s all here. This article is going to show your some of the best strategies that you must use if you are truly serious about giving your man a powerful orgasm and making him cum really hard.

It’s All About Enthusiasm

It seems that a lot of students of the Bad Girls Bible I talk to don’t understand or ‘get’ this until I explain it to them…

A major component of turning your man on is satisfying his ego (not just his penis). When you are enthusiastic about sex, it’s a powerful subconscious signal to your man that you are attracted to him and turned on by being with him. This is massively satisfying for his ego, which turns men on in an incredibly powerful way.

When you are not very responsive and involved during sex, you are doing the opposite. You are sending your man a subconcious signal that you are not that turned on by him and not that attracted to him. As a result, you are saying to his ego that you don’t think much of him. This is exactly what you shouldn’t do if you want to turn him on and make him cum hard.

I call this problem Starfish Syndrome. It’s as if you are a starfish, just lying there with your legs, arms and head pretty much motionless. It’s the one thing that is a major turn off to almost all guys.

While I don’t really recommend learning sex techniques and maneuvers from watching pornography, one thing that you will notice from watching porn is that all the female pornstars are very enthusiastic and active in every scene.


Because it turns men on and ultimately makes them cum a lot of harder.

Find Out What He Likes

Everyone has a fantasy, specific sex technique or position that turns them on much more than regular sex. You need to find out what your man’s fantasies are. This is going to make him orgasm and cum much harder than when you are doing plain old missionary position with him.

It could be something really normal like you dressing up and roleplaying or it could be a bit more ‘out there’. It’s absolutely vital that you keep an open mind and are not judgemental when discussing it with your man along with being excited to try something new with him.

The Build Up

Sometimes a quickie feels great. But if you want your man to have an orgasm so hard, that he shoots his load across the room, then you need to slowly build up to it. To slowly build up to orgasm can start many hours before you even see him. Try sending him a few dirty texts before you see him to build the sexual tension and titillate him with things to come. If you are both out together in public or at a party, turn up the sexual tension by saying something like:

I can’t wait till were alone, I’ve got a sexy surprise for you!


If we weren’t in a public place right now, I would fuck your brains out!

It’s up to you how sexual you want to be.

When you say something like this it will turn your man on a lot because of your intentions. But as you can’t actually do anything about it (as there are other people around), it builds sexual tension also. So when you do eventually get alone with your man, he will literally want to rip your clothes off.

When you are both alone together, you have to keep taking things really slowly. Start by kissing him passionately and then move on to very slowly giving him a soft and satisfying handjob (but make sure that he doesn’t cum!). From here, you can move on to sucking his cock or having sex.

The Release

When your man does reach orgasm after this slow but steady build up, he will explode and cum really hard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During this whole build up, your man may want to cut to the chase and have sex immediately. Don’t let him. You have to keep a good amount of control and keep slowly building up to sex. Then when your man does eventually cum, he will be thankful that he waited!

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    • Xandine says

      Hey girl,

      I find that the key to getting, and keeping your man hooked, is to mix up a bit of everything, and really create a build up.

      Really build up to sex when you’re out together. Purposely take him out in public and tease him all day. and then when you get home, make him wait a bit longer.(but don’t forget to keep teasing him and make sure you keep him turned on during all this)

      My favourite thing to do when we’re alone is to get him really worked up, and start giving him a blowjob. Then halfway through, when he’s really enjoying it, just get up and walk away. It might take a little bit, but usually it ends in him just taking you right then and there. (it makes for fabulous sex)if you can work a turtle position or anything with rear-entry for this, then do it! Those positions are perfect for the intensity of thrusting you’ll likely get out of this method.

      Beyond that, this site is full of really good tips that are quite useful for figuring out how to keep him hooked.

      😉 Happy fucking,

    • tom says

      be extra clean. find out what he likes. love his dick act like it is great but don’t over do he knows he is not a god. be a freak.

    • LSD says

      Much like a woman a man has emotions, insecurities and sexual fantasy’s. Cut off all outside distractions, set some mood music, very low lighting with conversation that looses each other in the moment, slowly directing conversation towards sexual desires. Every now and then slight touches for example..slide your hand down his chest saying “I find this part of you very sexy” don’t make him beg but make him want with anticipation and when he wants to just dive in respond for a 20 seconds and then slowly back off for about 20 seconds, repeat this type of action increasing the response time to 30 seconds and so on, during love making tell him very nuch the same things you wanna hear letting him know how much of a man he is. Then after cuddle with him in an erotic way. that would be a good start.

  1. Lola says

    What if your guys the type who WOULD screw you in public if he could, or the type who suggests we find a quiter place (not that this would be his first suggestion! lol)

    for example if the conversation went
    she says: “if we werent in a public place, i would fuck your brains out”
    He says: lets just do it now, i’ll fuck your brains out right here
    she says: … what does she say? lol how does she respond to that!?
    or even if she said what he said, how would she pull that off?

    • Sean says

      Hi Lola,

      Thanks for your comment. The key thing is to use your imagination…really think about what you would do in that situation. I can give you a few suggestions like in the Dirty Talking section, but ultimately you need to develop your own to use on your man.

  2. mireike says

    Thanks for your hints and tips. My husband and I are having great sex as a result. The build up usually starts on a Friday night when we watch an erotic movie. My husband then undresses me and drives me to a fantastic orgasm by sucking my clitty. I will reward him with a very slow blowjob that has many starts and stops. Eventually I will let him explode in my mouth.
    On Saturday, the next day, we talk dirty to eachother all day. He usually complains that his balls start hurting. In the evening we take a shower together where we kiss and hug, wash eachother’s body and dry it afterwards. He begs me to relief his balls. I ask him to lie on the bed where I sit next to him on the floor. Slowly I start sucking his cock and gently massage his balls. I stop and wait when he starts groaning. Sometimes I wait a couple of minutes to allow his cock to loose stiffness. I love the taste of his pre-cum. After many starts and stops I finally build him up to an orgasm. I tickle the tip of his pole with my tongue to make him surrender. I hold his gun straight up and wait. It does not take long until he shoots his load high up in the air. Several spurts are launched and land on his stomach when they fall back. I suck the last drops out until his cock looses its stiffness.
    Now I am so excited that I want more. It is my turn to lie on the bed where he kisses my pussy. It does not take long until he has a strong erection again. I ask him to lie on the bed so I can ride him as a cowgirl. I can feel his long pole touching me deep inside. It is no problem for him to postpone his orgasm now. I can enjoy the ride for at least half an hour. He sucks my tits that dangle above his face. It drives me crazy and I have multiple orgasms. Eventually I get tired and let him take over. I lift my body a bit so he can bounce up and down against it. When he starts groaning I push my lower body slowly down to feel his hard pole deep inside me. He stops moving and pumps his hot cum in my pussy. We are both exhausted and usually fall asleep in eachother’s arms.
    This all started after reading your tips 6 months ago. Thanks!

    • says

      Fantastic! So glad that I could be of help to you and your man! If you have any more tips of your own that you would like to share with the Bad Girl’s Bible community, then please let me know? Keep up the great (& fun) work!


  3. Isa says

    Hi Sean, while reading this post I was thinking, I have sort of a friends with benefits relationship.. more like when we are in the same town, we go out, and we may finish or not, having sex. Even though I would love to try creating anticipation, I wonder if that is like a bf/gf thing, I mean could he feel like I’m moving things in a different direction? I would love like sending sex messages once in a while, even though we are not going to see each other right away. just because I’m thinking of him in a sexual way, you know? I just don’t want to freak him out.. thanks!

  4. lily says

    Hi im 23 and my bf is 34 when we have sex it it amazing. When we have intercourse he hardly ever ejaculates in me. It only happed 3 or 4I times. I diluted what to do. He says he almost goes numb ir he says im not tight enough. He was my first therefore I was a virgin. Help!!! How can I make him cim in me?

    • says

      Hi Lily,

      Firstly don’t worry at all, it’s almost definitely not a problem that you’re creating! The most likely reasons why your man has trouble cumming is that he either masturbates with a grip that is too hard, watches too much porn or a combination of both. The best thing to do is talk to your man about it and try to get him to lay off masturbating at all for a few months.


      • Bobby Simmons says


        Chances are he’s a lot like most guys…doesn’t want to get you pregnant. Unless you have a specific medical condition that prevents you from having kids, he probably doesn’t want you to get pregnant. It has nothing to do with porn, or his “grip” or how hard or often he masturbates. Nice try Sean…but not buying that line…

  5. BJ expert says

    I would suggest the following 10 tips….

    1. More foreplay before you give him a blow job, kiss him, touch n lick his body, tease him to really get him turned on. Not just erect but really turned on and gagging for you to blow his mind.

    2. Start of with a hand job, hard and fast or slow and soft (depends how he likes it). Continue to kiss him and touch his body all over.

    3. Talk dirty to him, just simple things like how much you want him or things you know he will like. Dirtier the better I always say.

    4. Try playing with his balls, some men like this others do not.

    5. When you do then go down to suck his cock try licking the head and shaft, making eye contact with him. Also taking it as far in your mouth as you can, also know as deep throating. These two things over and above your regular technique will help as they can be very visual. Just try different techniques and feel his reaction. You will know what he likes.

    6. use your hand to continue masterbating him while you suck his penis from time to time. Help give your mouth a rest so you can go longer till he comes.

    7. You could try going for the male G spot. If he likes this then it will definitely help him come. Almost guaranteed.

    8. Take a break with your mouth to rest but continue using your hand. If he likes his balls being played with then a good time to lick them, while you rest your mouth.

    9. Be prepared to spend 5 to 10 minutes to make him cum. This is in addition to time spent teasing him and really turning him on at the start. But it’s essential you turn him on mental, rather than just get him hard and give him oral for 2mins then expect him to come.

    10. Remember eye contact, as most men love this and love the visual aspect of oral sex.

    But in essence know your man and put the time and effort in ladies.

  6. tash says

    What if a guy has uhm what’s it called ‘slow ejaculation’? (he doesn’t cum easy). Are there any special tricks/techniques for that?

  7. PHilip says

    Look… I never ever cum inside…. I can’t… Even having sex for more than 6horus …. I can only cum with my hands … Now please if anyone can help tell me what to do please? Because I am tired of hearing…from girls this is weird … Or u r weird… Please help me

  8. Vanessa says

    I have the opposite problem. I find that when I meet a guy and want to hook up with him, they cum within the first 3 minutes of fucking. Maybe I am doing too much teasing or something….. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but it kind of dampens the entire evening because they want to leave or not have sex again.

  9. E says

    Honestly all you have to do is enjoy what you’re doing. If your man thinks it’s just an act he isn’t going to relax and allow himself to reach his potential. Get to know his body and be creative with how you touch and please him. Make noise, let him know you enjoy it and take control. Pleasing him should please you. Find that spot that you both love. Ask questions “how does this feel” giggle in a seductive way be playful! :)

  10. blah blah says

    All of this really depends on your guy. I’m in a D/s relationship with my girl where I’m the master and she’s the sub. The best sex for me starts with her being submissive. If she’s done something wrong and needs to be punished, it’s even more of a turn-on. I spank her, then finger her, then make her orgasm until she can’t orgam any more (where it’s super-sensitive)… I do this both to her clit and her g-spot. Then I take her, and I make her take it. The feeling of knowing she’s spent and can barely stand any more pleasure, and then forcing her to take more gets me off pretty hard. It also gets her off again, because all of that super-sensitivity (which would normally make her stop if she was pleasuring herself) turns into this “pain is pleasure” ecstasy that makes her orgasm again right about the time I have mine. When I’m done with her she’s just a used up mess, I’ve had my big O, and we cuddle and I pet her and tell her she’s a good girl.

    So, like I said, it really depends on the guy. Some guys like being teased and worked up. Others like to be the teasers and the ones working the girl up / over.

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